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The importance of Video Marketing on your business

The importance of Video Marketing on your business

First things first, what is video marketing? Video marketing is essentially integrating video content into your marketing campaign to build rapport, promote your brand and services.

In this article, I’ll be breaking down how you can use video marketing to your advantage.

So, why choose Video Marketing? It’s much easier to digest than an overabundance of text and factual information. Did you know the world reportedly watches around 1 billion hours of YouTube per day? The numbers increase daily and it proves that people would rather watch something than reading something.

Video is such an engaging and easily accessible format that can be shared across multiple platforms. Videos are generally quite easy to make and can be viewed by anyone with internet access which is quite a few people in this day and age.

Making a professional video can take time however it’s also achievable in less than an hour depending on how long you want it to be.


Types of Video Marketing?          

  • Explainers
  • Interviews
  • Product reviews
  • Live video


What is an explainer?

An explainer is a video created to educate you and can include instructions on how to use the product and or service.

More about interviews?

The purpose of the interview is to potentially include a special guest and to encourage a conversation. You can also use this audio in a podcast.

Product review?

Show off your product and provide a demo so your potential buyers and audience know how to use it. Finding a brand ambassador that will review your product in return for the product for free is a great marketing technique to increase exposure and create more engagement.

Live video?

Nowadays live video has become very popular as it’s a way to have real-time interaction where you can become personal with your audience.

But, do I really need Video Marketing?

The short answer is yes.

97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products – Hubspot

There’s a lot of choices out there with different products and it’s fierce competition to try and stand out – With a video, it becomes much easier to gain attention and provide an in-depth look at the product and or service.

Video Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

If your videos are properly formatted and edited SEO can be amazing for you. Search engines see videos as high-quality content that boosts your visibility hugely.

Over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021 – Cisco

  • Keeping competitive

81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing – Hubspot

With a video, you’re able to convey any message and be able to entertain and engage with an audience with is amazing for business growth and sustainability. There are many ways to spice up your video including different fonts, themes, and even art styles.

  • Be personal

Facebook and Instagram have live features that are great to utilize if you’re in the digital marketing business. Offering a face to face interaction is a good way to create rapport and build brand trust. Instagram and Facebook also have stories that are up for 24 hours which can be a way for real-time feeling updates and news.

  • Using Video Marketing to boost conversions

90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision – Social Media Today

People who aren’t big readers is where the importance of Video Marketing comes in. A lot of people are working in front of their computers all day and they don’t want to have to read huge paragraphs about products they’d much rather watch a short and sweet video getting to the point much quicker.

Wyzowl claims that 74% of people who get to see the service and or product in action will buy it.

Video Marketing tips

So, how can I optimize my video and keep it engaging?

How long should my video be? Hubspot recommends:

  • Instagram – 30 seconds.
  • Twitter – 45 seconds.
  • FaceBook – 1 minute.
  • YouTube – 2 minutes.

Not too long but not too short making sure you’re getting vital information that’ll make you stand out from the competition.

Don’t forget to make sure your video is friendly on all platforms and that if your video is on the landing page that it’s muted at first because you don’t want to be scare people away with the loudness.

You can’t forget to also include your call to action along with your video to boost conversions and increase business performance.

The conclusion

You need Video Marketing to be in competition with the competitors otherwise you’ll fall behind drastically.

In an online world of being hidden behind the screen, people crave a sense of personality and a connection. Videos can be a fun way to include others and create valuable information that will stick with them.

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