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How should your company measure social media marketing success?

There are many factors that are important to measure the success of social media.

Target audience to convert to reach,  impressions and engagement. Having a specific target audience it’s extremely beneficial to create a larger reach, more impressions, and engagement.


What a reach, impression, and engagement? A reach of how many people have seen your content, an impression is the number of times your content has been displayed and an engagement is how many times the content has been clicked on for example a tweet can be viewed on your feed which is an impression and if they click onto the tweet it’s an engagement.


How can I grow my social media presence?

The first step of growing your presence in the planning stage where you identify your goals and your target audience.

Secondly, you need to understand what your audience needs, and being able to cater your content to your audience is vital in improving engagement. In order to bring people to your site or post learning about your audience will help you create content that benefits them.

Visuals are great to draw people in, how do your icons look? Are your icons placed appropriately where your audience can engage with?

Connections and links are very important. When creating a post having it linked to other forms of communication increases engagement. Like a post you see and want to learn more? Use this conveniently placed link!

Share your content, if you aren’t sharing you’re missing out on an extended reach, impressions, and engagements. Sharing your content doesn’t take much time at all and it’ll definitely boost your numbers.

The production of valuable content is a great way to show professionalism and to showcase your business or website skills which will also event in bringing more customers and money if applicable.

Engagement, engagement, and more engagement. If you aren’t interacting with your audience what’s the point of using social media? The whole point of social media is to be social. You draw people in when asking questions and showing valuable content.

Optimization is key. How can I optimize it? Using keywords that connect with your business. What are your customers searching to be able to find your website?

Hashtags are in. Using hashtags is a great way to grow your social media presence as it’s used all the time on all different popular platforms.

Consistency and scheduling is a great way to create a connection with the audience as they have an idea of when the next post is and are able to check it out when it’s released. Scheduling is a great way to not become overwhelmed with the amount of content and help you create valuable content.

Customer service is important, being available to answer questions is a great way to support your business and support your customers. Also having open hours displayed on your page is a great way to let your audience know when they should expect a reply.

Keeping all these factors, points, and ideas in mind is a great way to increase your social media presence and ultimately help you collate the resources needed to measure your social marketing success. If your numbers are going up it means you’re doing a good job and getting noticed even more.

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

With this day and age transitioning to almost completely digital, trends are bound to change throughout the year depending on many different variables.

Interactive content

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is any kind of content that is created with the purpose that the audience engages and interacts with the post rather than passively consume it.

2021 will continue to be a year where everyone is glued to their screen and with interactive content being a great form of interaction in a way that makes the audience feel included which unfortunately people may be lacking with this current pandemic.

Using things like quizzes and polls is a great way to collect the audience’s opinion on a variety of different things which can then be utilized to the advantage of the company.



What exactly is a chatbot?

A chatbot is computerized to simulate a human conversation that can be used on websites to answer basic questions that do not need someone behind.

A chatbot’s able to answer several questions at a time whereas a human can only answer one which can be great for businesses growing in 2021.

Another great thing about chatbots is that they’re fully customizable depending on the purpose that it’s intended for.


How can I drive sales and conversions with a chatbot?

  • A defined personality – This keeps the audience interested and the content memorable.
  • A relevant hook.
  • Conversational tone – Too professional and formal may deter people away.



What is Livestream?

A Livestream is real-time footage being broadcasted to an audience as it’s happening.

Programs and apps like Facebook and Instagram have implemented Livestream features which is great to increase interaction and customer relationships. With the pandemic encouraging people to stay at home with minimal physical interaction live streamer is a good form of virtual interaction that is safer for both parties. The growth of social media platforms’ live streams and the online age go hand in hand with digital marketing.


How to drive sales by Livestreaming:

  • Streaming hot events and launches – Increased visibility of new and interesting products is bound to stick in the mind of the audience motivating them to do further research and or even purchasing the product.
  • Live opportunities such as quizzes and competitions
  • Streaming to multiple platforms
  • Using pre-event teasers and their notifications


More emphasis on sustainability

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a balance of natural resources and the avoidance of depletion.

Every year the topic and trend of sustainability are under the radar as people realize the importance in everyday life and products. The mention of sustainability is a great way to capture people’s attention as well as boosting companies’ appeal by coming off as more considerate and globally aware.

What is the importance of sustainability? Sustainability is important right now and in the future, our dedication to this will reflect in the future. Small things and efforts create a bigger picture which helps the world evolve along with the businesses and products created.



What is inclusivity?

Inclusivity is the practice of including everyone and providing equal opportunity. For example, makeup brands now offer a wider variety of shades in foundations to cater to a darker skin audience.

Inclusivity is a hugely hot topic that has increased in popularity especially in 2020 and is predicted to grow in 2021. Emphasizing this and including this in future campaigns is a great way to earn respect and increase visibility.

What are some ways to create a more inclusive environment?

  • Creating a safe space for all feedback and communication with colleagues.
  • Invest in diversity – Have staff with a variety of different backgrounds and ideas to form together to create an amazing product.
  • Remembering at the end of the day we’re all human – Putting yourself in your staff and audiences’ shoes to gain knowledge.


Overall, marketing with a heavy emphasis on the audience’s thoughts and feelings continues to rise in popularity as well as the solidarity on becoming more respected within the community to strengthen business bonds.

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