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How to use Instagram to grow your e-commence revenue

Since its purchase by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has grown into a multibillion-dollar company and one of the largest social media platforms on the planet. As Facebook works to make the platform more profitable, new opportunities for e-commerce are arising.

As one of the market leaders in online advertising, Facebook and by extension Instagram has a myriad of options to help you achieve a successful marketing campaign. Being a social media platform, marketing through Instagram provides a personal connection with customers that can help build your brand.

With a wealth of data collection, it’s very easy to fine tune advertisements to reach your desired target audience. By analysing your product and choosing the correct target audience, customers will be much more likely to click on your ad. Thanks to the personal data Instagram has about users it’s possible to accurately fine tune advert targeting and find customers who are most likely to engage with your product.

Instagram makes it easy to begin advertising. It’s possible to promote your posts with a tap of your finger and begin sharing your product with potential customers. By promoting your posts, it makes it easier for users to find you in the future and engage with your social channels.

This has multiple positive effects if carried correctly. By having a strong Instagram profile, customers are given more confidence in your brand and are more likely to engage. Having an interesting profile will also make users more likely to follow your profile. Follows are great for your platform as this then allows you to advertise for free right in your customers social feeds. When releasing new products or announcing new ideas this type of personal connection is invaluable.

Budgeting is also made easy through the Instagram app. By selecting a budget and duration, it’s possible to fine tune how many impressions your ads will get. While the number of impressions is not guaranteed, this number is still useful for judging how engaged customers are.

Using Instagram metrics, it’s easy to see how effective your adverts have been. It’s possible to deeply understand your ad performance. Comparing this with your sales data is also a good idea as it’s possible to see how well your ad’s performance translates into sales. By analysing this data over time, you can learn and improve your advertising over time to maximise sales.

Thanks to Instagram and Facebooks interconnection, it’s easy to translate adverts from one platform to the other. This allows you to maximise your advertising effectiveness and see how your brand performs across a range of demographics and user types.

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