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As we enter into a new decade on the tail-end of a global pandemic, new technologies across the globe are beginning to emerge and take society in new exciting directions. With the invention of the smartphone over a decade ago it’s hard to imagine life without them. Now as we look to the future, new inventions promise to change the way we interact with our world once more.

The past few years have seen the rise of VR. With the incredibly popular Oculus Quest 2 releasing at the beginning of the year it’s never been easier to use this fascinating technology. With little competition in the space, it’s no surprise there are rumours aplenty regarding a possible Apple rival.

AR is nothing new, pop-culture has long given us glimpses at what this technology might look like and now it seems that future may be near. With plenty of rumours circling about the next category defining product from Apple and Google Glass gaining strength in the enterprise sector, AR is sure to be a sector worth keeping an eye on.

While the world recovers from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, great leaps are being made in medical science. Great leaps in engineering always come in times of need. Bioengineering is no different. The production of multiple vaccines in a year is an impressive feat, and the mRNA vaccines were developed much faster than in previous virus breakouts.

Looking to the future this technology is bound to have far reaching consequences. Moderna, one of the leading Covid-19 vaccine suppliers, is trialling mRNA vaccines for use against HIV. Researchers hope that with the use of this process, issues that have persisted for years can finally be fought.  

Building from this, Moderna has also begun human trials for a flu vaccine using the same mRNA technology. The research behind this has existed for around 20 years, but now with such a pressing need it has finally found a use. As more researchers look into this process the future of medical science is an exciting one.

Every year more countries dedicate themselves to an electric vehicle future. Just recently the UK announced that they would ban the sale of new non-electric vehicles beginning in 2030. Car manufacturers across the globe are reacting to new strict guidelines as more and more transition to fully electric product line-ups.

With this type of cutting-edge research and investment taking place, companies involved in all steps of the supply chain are seeing a marked increase in growth. From battery manufacturers to resource miners, EV’s are causing a huge increase in demand across sectors.

Thanks to this increased research into EV’s, even transportation that was once thought impossible is now becoming a reality. Green Goblin esque hoverboards and flying cars are now a part of our reality and moving into the commercial sector.

Technology never stops innovating, and with more appetite than ever before the next decade will see some amazing inventions. Not sure what to focus on? Here at digital planet we can help you get organised and ready for our new futuristic landscape.

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