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Technologies on the Horizon

Newest Technologies on the Horizon

I know you have a question in your mind, what are the newest technologies on the horizon? Read on to learn more.

As the futuristic landscape of our society grows ever larger, new technologies are constantly being innovated upon and taking our species in new directions. As an organizational leader, it’s vital to keep up to date with the latest developments and how they might help you to achieve your goals. 

When used correctly, technology is a powerful tool and can be an invaluable asset to your company. As new advancements are made, it’s a great idea to keep up to date and explore what you could use to improve your productivity. 

As the pandemic comes to a close and society acclimates to the new normal, new advancements are beginning to take off that can revolutionize the way you work and bring your company screaming into the 21st century. 

Remote Work

After a year of working from home and social distancing, progress made during the pandemic regarding remote working is here to stay. Offerings from Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoom, and even Facebook can help your workforce communicate remotely. Some companies are even beginning to step into the future of AR/VR interactions to make remote work a viable reality. 

Depending on your organization, remote work is a great option that your employees appreciate. Giving workers the choice of their work environment can help to liven spirits and increase productivity. While this may be difficult, new software tools are making it easier than ever, and hybrid work is here to stay. 


The 5G is another new technology on the horizon. Telecom companies have been aggressively pushing 5G as the next big leap forward for a few years now. While marketing spiel is hard to believe, the benefits genuinely activate as more customers begin taking advantage of the new technology

Faster networks will always be useful, especially when they do not require close connections like wifi. 5G will benefit those working remotely as they have access to fast network speeds and can stay in the loop regardless of location. 

Electric Vehicles

As more manufacturers begin to release their electric vehicle options, the revolution of green transport is slowly taking over. Thanks to market disruptors such as Tesla and new laws from Governments, it’s inevitable that electric cars will take over in just a few short years. 

In the UK, the sale of all new non-electric cars is to be banned in 2030. Going forward, investing in non-electric vehicles is a short-sighted decision as the country moves to support an electric future. The new infrastructure will mean many jobs in the EV space to help push the country into the future.

New technologies are constantly advancing and being released. Here at Digital Planet, we can help you keep you up to date with future horizons advanced technology. Contact us today and learn about how we can help you!

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feedback process

Ways to improve your feedback process

When managing a business, it’s important not to underestimate giving your employees good feedback. Giving feedback that workers can use will significantly improve their productivity. You will also begin fostering loyal, happy workers that will stay with you for years to come.

But what makes good feedback? A few key components to giving feedback can make a difference and help your employees reach their true potential. The detailed feedback will depend on the type of work they do and your company goals, but a few feedback process steps are worth sticking with to get the most out of your workers.

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Actionable Goals

When giving feedback, it’s easy to make broad, sweeping statements about what workers can do better. However, this can confuse employees who may not fully grasp what you’re trying to get across. Vague statements like “We think X could be better” or “Try working on Y a bit” leave a lot of room for misunderstanding and confusion.

Instead, it’s better to give direct feedback based on specific goals and targets. Think about what exactly it is that you wish your employee to do and put that into words. This makes it a lot easier for employees to understand what you want and how they might go about getting it.

Specific Feedback

Talking about previously done work is also an important part of letting employees know how well they have been doing. This is perhaps one of the most important parts as it allows workers to know if what they have been doing is working well or not. It can also be a touchy subject for some, and it’s important to consider how everyone feels about it.

Again, it’s important to give direct feedback about specific subjects rather than broad statements. Rather than saying “X was good,” instead give specific reasons for why it was good and what you liked. This will help employees to realize what worked and what didn’t. The same goes for giving negative feedback. Rather than saying you didn’t like something, give specific reasons why and how you think it could be improved.

Be compassionate

Giving feedback can be a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved. It’s important to remember that your workers are people and not robots. When giving any form of feedback, you must approach the situation with care to not hurt your employees’ feelings, as this could cause more significant issues.

Being able to provide your workers with valuable feedback is a great way to improve the productivity of your business and build a friendly workplace environment. We can help you figure out how best to work with your workers. Contact us today and learn about how we can help you!

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Ways to improve online presence

Effective Ways to improve online presence!

Now more than ever, having an online presence is vital to securing customers and pushing a successful product. As more of our lives are increasingly spent online, having a strong online brand that customers can recognize and flock to is essential to running a successful business.

Depending on your industry, it’s possible to achieve an excellent online presence in several different ways. Reaching customers where they are is necessary to build your online brand and can significantly increase how successful your product is.

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Without further ado let’s see how to improve your online presence!

Online Advertising

Possibly the easiest way to reach customers is through online advertising. You’re guaranteed to get eyes on your product by paying for adverts. Online advertising can take several forms, from being placed in a user’s social media feed to banner ads across websites.

Thanks to online tracking, you can choose specific users likely to engage with your product accurately. These adverts mostly come through social media and appear in users’ feeds or while browsing other parts of the app. By being placed in a user’s social feed, your brand can feel more personal and build a stronger connection than other forms of advertisements.

It’s essential to take advantage of the specific niche of an advertisement. Banner ads, for instance, are much broader and greet a range of users when they visit a site. Because of this, it’s a great idea to tailor your advertisement to the specific website it’s being placed on to try and capture their type of audience.

Social Media

Using social media is a vital part of any brand’s marketing strategy. Having the potential to reach millions of users without spending money on expensive advertising is a fantastic opportunity for companies attempting to improve their online presence.

However, this doesn’t come without its pitfalls. While it can seem easy to schedule posts that advertise your brand and promote products routinely, this approach rarely works as expected. Users can become bored and irritated with companies that post ad nauseam, damaging your brand.

When planning a social media strategy, it’s essential to have a clear identity for your product. By building around an identity, users are more likely to engage with your product. Excellent brand identities can even cause users to share your posts of their own volition, improving your online presence.

Influencer Marketing

The social magnitude that was once unique to celebrities has now been democratized thanks to the power of the internet and social media. Anyone with an iPhone can become an overnight sensation and build a large following. When building your online presence, taking advantage of someone else’s brand can help build your image and gain loyal followers.

Building relationships with influencers can be a rewarding experiment that can guarantee customers gain knowledge and understanding of your product. By advertising through influencers, it’s possible to give customers a much deeper and more personal look at your product, leading to an increase in sales.

Coming out of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have a solid online brand presence. Here at Digital Planet, we offer various services that can help you build your brand. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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