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Technologies to look out for

As we enter into a new decade on the tail-end of a global pandemic, new technologies across the globe are beginning to emerge and take society in new exciting directions. With the invention of the smartphone over a decade ago it’s hard to imagine life without them. Now as we look to the future, new inventions promise to change the way we interact with our world once more.

The past few years have seen the rise of VR. With the incredibly popular Oculus Quest 2 releasing at the beginning of the year it’s never been easier to use this fascinating technology. With little competition in the space, it’s no surprise there are rumours aplenty regarding a possible Apple rival.

AR is nothing new, pop-culture has long given us glimpses at what this technology might look like and now it seems that future may be near. With plenty of rumours circling about the next category defining product from Apple and Google Glass gaining strength in the enterprise sector, AR is sure to be a sector worth keeping an eye on.

While the world recovers from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, great leaps are being made in medical science. Great leaps in engineering always come in times of need. Bioengineering is no different. The production of multiple vaccines in a year is an impressive feat, and the mRNA vaccines were developed much faster than in previous virus breakouts.

Looking to the future this technology is bound to have far reaching consequences. Moderna, one of the leading Covid-19 vaccine suppliers, is trialling mRNA vaccines for use against HIV. Researchers hope that with the use of this process, issues that have persisted for years can finally be fought.  

Building from this, Moderna has also begun human trials for a flu vaccine using the same mRNA technology. The research behind this has existed for around 20 years, but now with such a pressing need it has finally found a use. As more researchers look into this process the future of medical science is an exciting one.

Every year more countries dedicate themselves to an electric vehicle future. Just recently the UK announced that they would ban the sale of new non-electric vehicles beginning in 2030. Car manufacturers across the globe are reacting to new strict guidelines as more and more transition to fully electric product line-ups.

With this type of cutting-edge research and investment taking place, companies involved in all steps of the supply chain are seeing a marked increase in growth. From battery manufacturers to resource miners, EV’s are causing a huge increase in demand across sectors.

Thanks to this increased research into EV’s, even transportation that was once thought impossible is now becoming a reality. Green Goblin esque hoverboards and flying cars are now a part of our reality and moving into the commercial sector.

Technology never stops innovating, and with more appetite than ever before the next decade will see some amazing inventions. Not sure what to focus on? Here at digital planet we can help you get organised and ready for our new futuristic landscape.

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Growing industries after Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated much of the global economy since March 2020. At first countries played down the severity of the virus and it was thought that most would be able to escape the spread unscathed. One year later we now know how wrong this approach was, and with vaccines now rolling out and hope beginning to return to the world the global economy has shifted on a massive scale.

After a year of lockdowns and social distancing, entire industries have been turned upside in the face of the existential threat. Now as life slowly returns to normal, sectors are beginning to bounce back as consumers explore their returned freedoms. Thanks to a year of savings most customers now have built up savings and extra cash that they feel more comfortable spending.

A recent report from Credit Suisse shows that the number of millionaires globally increased by a factor of ten over the course of the pandemic. With this type of liquidity available to consumers, sectors are sure to be shaken with new cash injections.


Possibly the largest causality of the pandemic, the hospitality sector has been wrecked after being forced to close its doors for much of 2020 and 2021. This effect has led many establishments to closing their doors for good, irreversibly damaging local communities and tourist economies.

Now that lockdowns have been lifted, consumers are more than willing to go out and spend some of their increased capital after a year of being inside. This increased appetite for entertainment in the form of pubs and parties will allow the hospitality industry to get back on its feet after such a disastrous year.


One sector that saw a huge growth from the pandemic has been technology. With everyone being stuck inside sales of new technology has spiked. This has caused large supply chain issues across the globe with the most acute symptom being the shortage of new games consoles. Even Apple isn’t immune to these effects, with reports of delayed MacBook’s and iPhones due to silicon shortages.

Even with these problems however, the tech industry has been steaming ahead and is consistently reporting record profits and growth. Just recently Microsoft became the second company to hit a $2 trillion dollar evaluation following Apple in 2020. While this kind of success was not entirely dependent on the pandemic, Covid only sped up trends that have long been in action.


As the UK government continues to trip over itself with constantly changing rules and restrictions around travelling, the tourism industry is sure to be a boon when international travel is allowed again.

With revellers having access to more cash and reduced opportunities to travel since the pandemic began, a lot of pent-up energy is going to be released. Tourist destinations may be struggling financially, this will change once the pandemic is well and truly finished. When people feel comfortable travelling again, a lot of money will be pushed back into these areas granting them new life.

After such unprecedented times the world has been altered in many ways, some we may not even realise. As life returns to normal now is a great time to begin investing in some of these sectors that will see growth as they return to normal.

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How to use Instagram to grow your e-commence revenue

Since its purchase by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has grown into a multibillion-dollar company and one of the largest social media platforms on the planet. As Facebook works to make the platform more profitable, new opportunities for e-commerce are arising.

As one of the market leaders in online advertising, Facebook and by extension Instagram has a myriad of options to help you achieve a successful marketing campaign. Being a social media platform, marketing through Instagram provides a personal connection with customers that can help build your brand.

With a wealth of data collection, it’s very easy to fine tune advertisements to reach your desired target audience. By analysing your product and choosing the correct target audience, customers will be much more likely to click on your ad. Thanks to the personal data Instagram has about users it’s possible to accurately fine tune advert targeting and find customers who are most likely to engage with your product.

Instagram makes it easy to begin advertising. It’s possible to promote your posts with a tap of your finger and begin sharing your product with potential customers. By promoting your posts, it makes it easier for users to find you in the future and engage with your social channels.

This has multiple positive effects if carried correctly. By having a strong Instagram profile, customers are given more confidence in your brand and are more likely to engage. Having an interesting profile will also make users more likely to follow your profile. Follows are great for your platform as this then allows you to advertise for free right in your customers social feeds. When releasing new products or announcing new ideas this type of personal connection is invaluable.

Budgeting is also made easy through the Instagram app. By selecting a budget and duration, it’s possible to fine tune how many impressions your ads will get. While the number of impressions is not guaranteed, this number is still useful for judging how engaged customers are.

Using Instagram metrics, it’s easy to see how effective your adverts have been. It’s possible to deeply understand your ad performance. Comparing this with your sales data is also a good idea as it’s possible to see how well your ad’s performance translates into sales. By analysing this data over time, you can learn and improve your advertising over time to maximise sales.

Thanks to Instagram and Facebooks interconnection, it’s easy to translate adverts from one platform to the other. This allows you to maximise your advertising effectiveness and see how your brand performs across a range of demographics and user types.

Here at Digital Planet London, our professionals offer Instagram advertising services with all the latest tips and tricks alongside top-of-the-range support.

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How global supply chain issues are affecting economies

With the pandemic beginning to ease and a sense of hope filling the world, industries across the globe are feeling the stresses of a spike in demand from consumers. As more countries begin to ease Covid restrictions and life returns to normal, customers have an increased appetite for spending. This is beginning to have effects on global supply chains which coronavirus scares help to exacerbate.

A brief scare in southern China caused export delays for the country as the government quickly took action to halt the spread of the virus. While this incident was quickly controlled, this type of delay can aggravate issues that are already causing global problems.

Just recently the UK populace was recently warned of a shorting of camping equipment due to supply chain issues. This microcosm is one example of a problem that is having far reaching consequences in society.

The global chip shortage is possible most famous for causing issues for the release of the most recent console generation. Scalpers reign supreme and online bots purchase every item available before a human customer ever has a chance. This issue has plagued online shopping for years. Recently the UK government responded saying they were looking at expanding scalping protection to help prevent this from happening.

However, the chip shortage affects far more than games consoles. Ford recently had to halt production of their most popular vehicle, the F-150, due to a lack of chips needed for the cars production. This move could potentially lose Ford millions of dollars, but due to global supply chain issues they have no other choice.

As a digital marketing agency, Digital Planet can help your business navigate an uncertain future. Our diverse group of digital experts are experts in their fields and have a range of services that can assist in a number of areas.  

Markets across the globe are being rocked by global issues that continue to develop quickly. The effects of the pandemic will still be felt for years to come, and the full impact may never be known. Even as the US invests in local semiconductor manufacturing , supply chain issues will still run rampant and wreck-havoc on global markets.

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What is click-through-rate?

When carrying out online advertising it is important to understand all the metrics and analytics available. Knowing how successful your advertising campaign is performing is vital to understanding how you can effectively market your product. When presented with a suite of data points however it can be hard to understand what each one means and how to make decisions based on it.

Your platform of choice will offer a number of metrics based on the performance of your advertising. When looking at your metrics, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is one of the most important stats to consider. CTR measures how many consumers who saw your advertisement decided to click and engage with your product on a deeper level.

When analyzing your CTR there are a number of factors to be aware of so that you can maximize your effectiveness. The average CTR across all industries is around 3% but varies greatly depending on your specific situation.

CTR also depends greatly on where your ad is placed. Display ads are placed on websites and social media platforms and direct the user to take a specific action. These types of ads generally have a lower CTR.

Display ads normally come in a few forms. Banner ads placed on websites are a common form of display advert and are one of the first things a user sees when going to a website. Interstitial ads are displayed for users on their way to their intended page, such as when viewing stories on social media. A more detailed form of advert, rich media ads contains content that users can interact with before being taken to your product.

Search ads are the other type of advert that is used. These adverts are shown to users when they are performing a search. These advertisements appear before the search results are shown to users. These ads have a much higher CTR but are much more selectively shown as they are only displayed in relevant searches.

Achieving a high CTR requires good advertising that users will want to engage with. It’s important to consider keywords, how the ad looks, and where you are placing it. Ad tech companies will also offer a discount on high-quality adverts and having a high CTR will help accomplish this goal.

When analyzing performance metrics, CTR is just one statistic to be aware of. Look at our over post about PPC to understand how you can have an effective marketing strategy.

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