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How does an advertiser benefit from using google surveys

How does an advertiser benefit from using google surveys?

We all need to adopt amazing and worthy marketing strategies to boost our business and expand our reach in the market. Fortunately, with the advent of the digital age and expansion in the field of digital marketing, it has become easier for us to expand our products and services and create a wider market reach in the world. Without proper advertisement and marketing, it isn’t easy to start a new business or even to continue an existing one.

So, in this article, we will learn how an advertiser benefits from using google surveys and how using google surveys efficiently affects your business positively.

What are google surveys?

Before we dive deeper into learning the benefits of google surveys for our businesses, let us first see what google surveys are. Google surveys online market research platforms that survey internet users. These surveys can be about anything. Any business can start a market survey using google surveys. There can be many motives behind taking up google surveys –

  1. To survey the feedback on the product or service.
  2. To survey the public response to a product or service.
  3. To collect responses for some research.
  4. To collect the sentiment of the public towards a particular business or product.

The information gathered from these surveys are the benefits of using google surveys for business marketing and maintaining the brand quality and value.

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Are google surveys safe?

Are google surveys safe

Google survey tools are quite safe and easy to use. However, if you have a big business and a strong advertising team, then you must hire the best people to do the job. Google surveys are easy-to-use, and if handled carefully, they can do wonders for you.

Google uses high-tech security measures to protect your private and confidential data from malware or hacking. Google takes up strict measures to keep google surveys safe for the audience. In fact, the safety of google surveys is also one of the benefits of using google surveys for your business growth and propagation.

Are Google surveys free?

Google surveys are free to use. Google forms survey is a free google survey tool that can be used for any kind of research – academic, business, or fun purposes. Using google forms is quite common, and many people use it as an easy way to conduct their research and surveys. Additionally, they are preferred more because of the ease of collecting the recorded data and interpreting the results from the collected data.

How to get google survey results?

Collecting responses and interpreting the results using google surveys is quite easy; anyone can do it. You don’t need to be a technical expert to be able to deduce results from these surveys. You can follow the following steps to deduce results from google surveys –

  1. Prepare a list of important questionnaires.
  2. Create a google form using the google survey tool.
  3. Distribute the link of the google form to the target audience.
  4. Close the responses once you need to prepare the result.
  5. Download the responses from the google survey form in the form of a .csv file.
  6. Convert the .csv file into .xls i.e., a simple excel sheet.
  7. See the column and rows and deduce the results by applying appropriate filters.

This is how easy it is to deduce results from a google survey. Thus, we can say that google surveys are safe and quite easy to use. If it is used for proper marketing purposes, there are plenty of google survey benefits.

How Businesses Benefit From Using Google Analytics on Their Website

How Businesses Benefit From Using Google Analytics on Their Website

If you are an entrepreneur and want to kick-start your business, you have to invest in several marketing services. These marketing services are essential to promote your business, act as a PR agency, and attract more and more audiences to your product or service. If your brand has a website of its own, it becomes quite imperative to watch over the audience visiting your website daily.

When it comes to website analytics, what can businesses gain from adopting them?

As an entrepreneur, you need to consider whether the marketing services you have currently employed are working following the growth of your business or not. For this purpose, people often take the help of Google analytics. Let us read this article about how businesses benefit from using google analytics on their website.

What is Google analytics?

Before understanding how using google analytics on websites can multiply your business, let us first understand what google analytics is and how it works in favor of your business.

Various tools and techniques, along with the preset algorithm of google analytics, help you to identify and enhance your marketing and advertisement strategies.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service launched by Google. This service tracks the traffic or the visit of the audience on your website to give you a better idea of the exposure of your website in the public domain. This service is currently a part of the Google Marketing Platform brand.

Google Analytics’main function is to provide statistics using basic analytical tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other marketing purposes.

Why is Google Analytics important?

The Purpose of Google Analytics:

What is The Purpose of Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free online analytics tool that the company launched. This program allows you to examine website traffic. This, in turn, lets you determine if your website has the right exposure it requires if the target audience is adequately reached and linked, and if your business’s products or services can generate interest among potential consumers and the target audience.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Using Analytics on Their Website?

There are numerous benefits of google analytics for your corporation, despite the fact that it may not seem all that vital.

For the majority of industry leaders, their website performs an essential function. Your website is the focal point of all of your internet traffic. If you conduct marketing activities such as search ads or social media ads, it is likely that your users may visit your website at some point throughout their user journey.

Given that your website is the focal point of your digital presence, it is the greatest way to evaluate the efficacy of all the online marketing initiatives you are doing to promote your products or services. Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you track the efficacy of your digital marketing.

This is why more than 50 million websites worldwide utilize Google Analytics. If you are not currently utilizing it, you should set it up immediately for the advantages of using google analytics.

How does Google Analytics work

How does Google Analytics work?

If you have a dedicated team to take care of your marketing and branding, you do not need to get into the hassle of using google analytics separately. The team of experts comprised mainly of designers, marketing experts, technical experts, digital marketers, graphic designers, etc., can handle google analytics themselves and play according to the algorithm of google analytics.

But, if you don’t have a very big team or a huge budget, you can use it efficiently. You can use google analytics on websites and put several lines of tracking codes into the code of your website. Most digital marketing experts already know how to do that. A few lines of tracking code are added to the code of your website by Google Analytics. A total of four stages of aggregation are used by Google Analytics to combine the data obtained from your website:

  1. The level of the user (related to every user’s action)
  2. The level of the current session (visited by every user)
  3. level of page views (every single page visited)
  4. level of the event (video views, button clicks, etc.)

How to use the data collected from google analytics

Knowing how businesses can benefit from analytics on their website is very important. The main two types of data accumulated from google analytics are –

  1. User Acquisition data
  2. User Behavior data

These two data are crucial for ensuring any business’s proper growth and propagation. Firstly, the user acquisition data ensures your website is visited only by the target audience and reaches only those people that it is intended towards. However, you cannot change your visitors’ intrinsic data (like age, class, etc.), but you can choose the specific groups to present on the internet to sell your product to. For example, if you advertise for baby products like baby food, you can target a specific audience by gauging who is visiting your website using google analytics. This is the best benefit of google analytics.

Next is the User Behaviour data. User behavior data mainly gauge the users’ psychological behavior. Three things mainly are gauged –

  1. How long does a user stay on your website
  2. What is their first and last page on your website
  3. This is the most typical path that visitors take while browsing.

Based on these three details, google analytics uses its inner algorithms to boost your business and manage the traffic on your website. Also, this helps in gauging the marketing activities carried out by your marketing team.


Thus, we can say that google analytics on websites and making effective use of SEO can help you grow your business. There are several google analytics benefits for your business growth. Still, it is mainly used to determine whether the marketing and advertising techniques you are using in your business are running in the correct direction. Also, using google analytics helps you identify what kind of audience you attract to your website. Using various google analytics tools, you can gauge if the marketing techniques are going efficiently and whether your company’s website is getting the exposure it is supposed to get.

Now you know how businesses can benefit from using analytics on their website. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing – A Guide to success

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel Marketing is the theory and practice of using all your channels and media to create a unified and seamless experience.

The difference Multi-Channel and Omnichannel Marketing

Both are slightly similar but hit different key points. Multi-Channel focuses on the number of channels, consistency, and effort, whereas Omnichannel focuses on the customer, engagement, and an effortless process.

What are the benefits?

There are loads of benefits to Omnichannel Marketing and very few disadvantages:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Improved Customer Loyalty
  • Improved Brand Recall
  • Detailed Review on Revenue Increase

Examples of Omnichannel Marketing from brands

  • Starbucks – Starbucks uses its app to combine all its features – Location settings, loyalty card, payment options, and menu all in one place. This combination of online and in-person marketing pushes sales and creates relations.
  • Disney – They created a “magic band” which can be used at their parks – What is it? You can use the band to unlock the hotel room door, board shuttles, handle on-site purchases without the use of cash and even check in on attractions. The all-in-one device makes it easier for the user to be monitored to cater to services, especially for them.
  • Amazon – Amazon has various data collection methods to customize recommendations across platforms. Amazon hits the spot from online selection to the in-store collection and devices accessible to most audiences.

Examples of Omnichannel Marketing

  • Online messages while the customer is in the store informing them about the latest sales and promotions
  • Emailing the customer if they leave an item in the cart
  • Targeted ADs for products viewed or abandoned in the cart

The Customer Experience

Things to keep in mind:

  • Progressive disclosure
  • Navigation
  • Multi-screen UI’s
  • Responsive/Adaptive Design

One of the main focuses of Omnichannel Marketing is to engage with the customer and increase the overall user experience on every channel. Many companies have claimed that a well-thought-out Omnichannel Marketing plan increases customer retention drastically compared to those without. Building a solid relationship with the customer is key for a long-lasting and thriving business.


Reusing Content

  • Social Media
  • Micro conversions
  • Internet of things
  • Data integrity

Adaptive Content into Omnichannel

  • Apps
  • Print/PDF
  • Wearable Devices
  • Departmental integration
  • Branding integrity

Engagement and Consistency

Having consistent posts across platforms gives the audience a sense of familiarity and a clean look on every account. A desktop user on FaceBook shouldn’t have a different experience with the same product as a mobile user on Instagram. Consistency looks very professional and can lead to success.

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How can I create a successful Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?

  1. The Planning Stage – First, you must put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What would you like to see? What looks appealing, professional, and familiar to you? What platforms are you using? All your points need to align for a consistent and quality user experience; otherwise, the strategy will fall apart.
  2. Learning about your customers – So, who do you want to be viewing this content? Learning about your customers’’ needs, behavior, goals, and preferences will be vital in customizing a personal experience. You may need to use third-party software to give you the data and information you’ll need to track this. Once you have this, it’ll become easier to approach your audience with appropriate marketing.
  3. Getting in touch – Using the right tools to connect is essential, and it can take time to find one that works well for you and your company.
  4. Categorize your users – Developing a categorized database for customers and their buy personas and purchasing paths can be useful for re-marketing.
  5. Personalization – Personalization will drive everything forward, and creating that 1:1 aspect is key. The 1:1 will improve the user experience, drive revenue, and increase brand loyalty and consistency.

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