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Application Development Service

Mobile Application Development Service

Mobile phones have taken over the whole world. Initially, the sole purpose of mobile phones was communication. But now, it is used for multiple purposes. You can access almost everything with this device.  Since the number of mobile users is rising, the mobile app development is soaring high with Statista predicting that mobile applications will generate approximately $200 billion in revenues worldwide by the year 2025.

Being a leader in the Mobile Application development industry, Digital Planet’s vision is to provide our customers with the world-class service they deserve. We can create high performing digital mobile application including iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, and Windows Mobile.

Our team consists of experts and professions that can help you achieve what you desire. After years of the constant hard world, our experts have gained experience. We can assure you to create brilliant mobile applications that can function in any device or platform. Digital Planet has been a leader in Mobile Application industry and has been creating a range of applications solutions.

Being an experienced iOS Application Development company, Digital Planet can provide you with a fantastic experience and suggest solutions to make your app deliver better than your competitor. A leader like Digital planet will bring you closer to a cutting-edge revolutionary platform that creates fully-functional apps in recent days.

Apart from this, our Project Managers monitors the development from time to time and undertakes extensive research of your business requirements. And as they are in constant touch with you, our clients can give out feed backs, and we give the utmost importance to your suggestions so that the iOS app development can give you the customer delight.

Moreover, Digital Planet is an iOS application development company that offers enhanced post-development programs, which involves maintenance with regular upgrades and full freedom to scale the app as the business enhances.

However, the budget is a factor in choosing an iOS development company. Some may suggest that investing in freelancers may be cheaper and more effective option. However, you may choose freelancers who will have to create apps from scratch which makes the iOS app development process a time-consuming process. This may extend to more than a year. This may hamper your business, and stop you from reaching your goals. Besides, freelancers do not have access to the top-notch technology that Digital planet uses. Some freelancers will not be experienced to deliver quality applications.

So if you think wisely, it is much more affordable and reliable to choose a reputed company like Digital Planet to develop your iOS mobile app development partner to create iOS mobile applications for your business requirements. With quality and time in mind, you will be offered the top iOS application development company services at affordable pricing options.

Digital Planet is a renowned name in the OS app development industry of times. We are one of the top-rated companies in the world. Our applications are built with the latest technology and by the best professionals. The platform is automated to deliver solutions in the shortest time span.


You Will Learn

  • Mobile phones, or smartphones, are widely used by businesses too. Your business needs to go beyond desktops, to help serve your customers. With the current mobile technology, you can reach out to your customers anywhere, any time. Every day the new applications are arriving in the market with innovative features, thanks to growing Mobile Development Industry. The evolution of mobile technology with the new devices has made our lives simpler.
  • Having a mobile app you can communicate with your customers directly. You can successfully deliver all the information necessary for your customers, including any special sales, discount, deals or promotions just with the click of fingertips. With push notifications, you get even closer your customers. This interaction can give reminders to your customers about your products and services whenever it makes sense.
  • In this century, smartphones are replacing laptops and computers, and users are demanding more and more advancement from their mobile devices.   Digital planet can help you take the advantage of a rapidly growing sector of Mobile Development. With Mobile development, your business can grow and flourish.

What can Digital Planet help you?

At Digital Planet, we have a team of expert developers and designers who can design and implement mobile applications according to your demand.  We expertise in handheld devices of varying complexity. Our applications for wireless devices range from intricate networking applications to complex mobile-user interfaces.

Our solutions are built and tested to function effortlessly between smartphones, tablets, and even older devices, creating better efficiency and a decrease in costs to your business, as well as a decrease in costs to promoting your brand online as well.

iOS Application Development Service

In the iOS Application Development Service, the designer needs to follow a low-code iOS application development methodology. This defines the scope of the iOS app. The process follows a 90-10 approach where 90% is absolutely automated. The iOS mobile app development platform features deep libraries of pre-configured business modules, pre-built technology components, a design studio and pre-built connectors. This process requires drag and drop process. The apps are configured at a business level to suit the business’s unique and the elements are bought close together in the ecosystem. The iOS mobile app development process is followed by iOS app deployment and iOS app optimization.

Our designers at Digital Planet have the extensive experience in developing any kind of iOS application suitable for any kind of platform. We provide the full concentration and care from day 1 and carry out clear and consistent with our customer every moment. We have a team of dedicated members intended to provide customer satisfaction at every level of our operation to match your time, budget and goal.

Android is a simple and basic mobile operating system. You can regard Android as the operating system smartphone world. It is also the most flexible app development platform for many developers. Growing your business with the android app has become very much essential. Digital Planet also provides leading-edge android app development services to its valuable customers.  Be it an app idea or a plan to develop android apps, we are equipped with idea and technology with the vision to transform these dreams into solid apps that win laurels for your business while expanding its horizons.

Through our premium android application development services, Digital Planet guarantees that you get the best of the latest technology so that your customers admire your android app. Incorporating the latest tools and technology, in the Android service, our professional android app development process helps deliver apps which meet the highest quality. Our professional android application development services assure you that deadlines will be met whilst the final product delivered to you will be a marvelous marriage of imagination with functionality.

Our expert Android app developers and designers have incredible expertise in developing native Android apps using C++ and Javascript to deliver your dreams. Our app developers are also experienced in the cross-development platform.

React Native App Development

The react native framework will be easier to adopt for anyone. It works with JavaScript, you will be familiar with most of the concepts, and instead of having to learn new and tricky rules, you can stick to the basics and work your way through react native, such as Instagram, Uber, and Skype etc. Application developers always prefer to react native because it supports all the APIs and functionalities. There is no extra layer mapping functionality. Plus, it is supported by a large community. With react native, you do not have to depend on any external factories or third-parties. Everything you need can be accessed through the real native framework easily. Moreover, you do not need to worry about any updates.

AR App Development Service

Augmented Reality, or AR, Is the latest version of mobile application development. It is best known for its superimposition of computerized images or existing environs to make them highly interactive. Digital Planet has an exceedingly knowledgeable and skilled Augmented Reality (AR) app developer team. Digital planet has the reputation of creating numerous mobile apps for phones and tablets varying purposes, such as business, education, and healthcare etc.

AR app is particularly beneficial l for real estate sector.  AR app provides 3D videos to its prospective buyers although they are still under construction phase. By making use of this technology, real estate firms which have properties in construction phase may provide their customers a tentative design. With rapid advancement, clients can get a clear idea about the property and can modify the wall color or by including some significant furniture in the house.

Augmented reality is also beneficial in the retail industries. The main reason behind this is that with the use of this app, you can boost up the sales rate & assist customers to take more informed decisions. This will generate more ROI. By the use of this advanced technology, the sales representative can able to display their products in a realistic way. You can communicate the details and information directly to the consumer. To add more, you can able to share the product catalogs easier than ever.  This allows the customer can get access to updated information, and get better decisions.

Augmented Reality app can also be beneficial in the manufacturing sector.  They can accelerate the speed of the building process in the manufacturing sector. For instance, both the manufacturer and the customer can view the actual work progress by making using the app. It provides the image in 3D. Moreover, it can save both time and money

Type of Apps We Focus On

Fintech: We develop an app to aid investment and business, such as a digital wallet, finance app.

Shopping: We can make eCommerce easier for you. Now you do not need to spend countless hours in the traffic to go shopping.

Health and Fitness: Keep your calorie in the count and reach your fitness goals instantly.

Human resources: We build apps to assist you to learn more.

Enterprise mobility: We can help your company function better by improving productivity.

Automotive: Our apps can make your experience on the roads smoother and safer.

Travel: Make your journey more adventurous with us.

Social: Stay connected with your friends and family always.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

  • Product Design: We can ensure your mobile application meets your long-term needs. We are equipped with the most ravishing technology to build your development and technical needs with a brilliant set of ideas and designs.
  • Product development: Once we identify the type of application you need, the next step is to plan how it to implement it. We can assist your business prepare for achieving a successful long-term architecture by providing the crucial guidance for your project plan, along with a risk management plan.
  • Support and Maintenance: We keep you updated with the latest technology, plus we keep upgrading your application.

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