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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Are you looking for Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups for the new year? This article is crafted to give you the best marketing strategies predicted to grow in 2022 based on the popularity in 2021.

  1. Education within the content – Content with an educational purpose has been rising and is considered more valuable. Using knowledge is a way to build an audience’s trust, which is essential for marketing.
  2. Personal marketing messages – Creating content that utilizes demographics and analytics.
  3. Updated content – Having updated and consistent posts is a great strategy to create a professional image of the business and build foundations for a relationship with the customer. Another benefit of updated content is the potential of an increase in organic ranking, which can lead to more traffic, leading to new customers.
  4. Video content – In 2021, video content popularity increased heavily and is expected to rise even more in 2022 due to videos giving a sense of familiarity and providing a connection to the audience. Suppose you have the time and resources, I highly recommend adding video content into the mix alongside your updated and valuable content.
  5. Livestream – Alongside the regular video content, live streaming has been on the increase too. Many social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram now offer a live option to live stream, which has various benefits such as increasing engagement to increasing page activity.
  6. Podcasts – Podcast has been getting more and more popular amongst many of all ages, which can be a great strategy to add more variety to your content. Podcasts are great for interviews and deeper discussions which would be too long to go into a regular video.
  7. SEO – Using SEO to your advantage is a great way to increase your online presence, which will convert an impression to engagement. There are many ways to improve SEO that our team here at Digital Planet London is happy to help you with, and the contact information will be available at the end of this post.
  8. Email marketingEmail marketing has been a popular way to increase sales conversion for the longest time. It can become even more accessible and less time-consuming with an automated system.
  9. Voice technology – Voice recognition has started to become the new norm within the past few years, and with this, it’s a great addition to the regular chatbot.
  10. Expand your blog topics – With many new events happening, there are plenty of topics to talk about and discuss, which can easily be written out into a blog article format.

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