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Business Marketing on Black Friday - Tips to be successful in this season

Business Marketing on Black Friday – Tips to be successful in this season

Longer nights and shorter days can only mean one thing; The holiday shopping period is starting. This time every year businesses all over the world will be taking part in one of the biggest retail events of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Black Friday is coming up soon and it’s the perfect way to increase your sales despite the global pandemic of COVID-19 trying to hold us back. 

What is Black Friday? Black Friday is an informal name for Friday following the United States Holiday Thanksgiving. For a while now lots of stores use this event to boost sales as many people love to see new and exciting deals all year round but especially since it’s coming up to Christmas soon. Did you know Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the whole year? It’s predicted to be even bigger than ever since the start of the lockdowns.

What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday also is known as Blue Monday is the marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is essentially the Black Friday of online shopping.

How can I prepare my business?

Firstly, how does your website look? 

  1. Make sure your website is updated with all the latest news and details about your products – The customers and potential buyers need to be able to see what’s fully on offer before they spend their money.
  2. Do you have an engaging product description? Along with the details you need to be including words that you think that will stand out to your audience and pull them in.
  3. Are your images of the highest quality? A customer can’t see what they could be buying if there’s 1 pixel – Make sure to have invested in good quality photography products to capture your product well in a still image.
  4. Is your website mobile friendly? This can be a make it or break it for some potential customers.
  5. Lastly, is your page fully functional? Having pages that won’t work properly can be the make it or break it for your sale.

Is your website prepared?

Be prepared to have increased traffic! During this time a lot of businesses prefer to span their deals over a week instead of just one day which helps decrease the chances of your website crashing hugely. No website running = no sales.

Are your staff ready? 

Be sure to have a decent amount of staff on hand ready for everything. Most importantly making sure they’re supported physically and mentally to take on the stress of big events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday because at the end of the day we’re all humans – Unhappy staff feeling under-appreciated could be your downfall if not taken seriously.

How’s your social media game?

We have an article covering the importance of social media in sales and revenue increase – Click here.

Long story short – Social Media will be your godsent during this time and because everyone is online shopping using your social media effectively will draw in a larger amount of people to increase your potential buyers.

Email Marketing

If your social media game isn’t on point we hope your email marketing game is better. During the run-up to Black Friday, you’re bound to see an increase of email-exclusive deals from all brands. How can I make mine stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips:

  1. Simple and engaging logo – Get potential buyers’ attention from the second they open the email.
  2. Do you have a sense of FOMO(fear-of-missing-out)? Countdown timers and limited-time codes are key.
  3. Reward and loyalty schemes are great ways to get returning customers.


Social Media is a great free way of promoting your products and your Black Friday Sales, don’t underestimate the power of paid ads. The algorithms on social media platforms now have made it a lot more difficult to get reach on some posts so unless you have a viral post it’s hard to get noticed without proper planning and guidance by professionals. 

Here at Digital Planet London, we have created an article giving you strategies on how to generate quality leads from Facebook for FREE – Click here

Most importantly, Good Luck, Stay Safe and Have Fun

Need help getting started with any of these ideas? Contact our team at Digital Planet London and we’ll be happy to help you make the most out of your Black Friday 2020

The Power Of SEO Technical Audit

The Power Of SEO Technical Audit

SEO Audit is the examination of the effectiveness of a website for being able to pop up as a result in search engines. Therefore SEO Technical Audit capitalizes on attaining the needs and specifications of search engine for realizing usability, economic regulation and computing.

The importance, also the power of SEO Technical Audit service lies on improving the general growth of a website by highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, which increases its friendliness to search engine. A technical audit will concentrate on fixing the underperformance of the website in its technical confect.

A website is essential to every business in today’s operations as most people use search engines to look for businesses. The number of visits to a website is rated by how many people click on the business on Google hence helps the business prospect new customers.

Conducting an SEO Technical Audit helps business owners who have no idea about their SEO realize the flow of the business and underlying problems they could solve to better its operations.

SEO enables businesses to stand a chance of competing in the global arena. Owners thereby need to focus on the SEO Technical Audit to place their businesses at a better place than their competitors.

Performing this audit also enables a business to look out for other search engines other than Google. A business is required to bring into understanding all the components of its SEO to increase its opportunities attracting more potential customers and kicking out their competitors in the long run.

Businesses need to uphold their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to increase their online presence. They can start the SEO process by

Ensuring that every page of the website contains details that are friendly to the search engine, that is, user friendly, indexation and crawling. Use not less than 2000 words per page while not forgetting keywords and be careful not to be redundant. Use word Headings tags to point out major and minor keywords and finally try to answer user questions.

Ensure optimization of heading tags for every vital keyword since the heading is the one that will be displayed by Google for all search outputs. The accuracy of the heading shows the relevancy of the content on a particular page. Lastly maintain your heading tags below 60 characters.

Put short details that engage the visitors, which will motivate them to click your Google output and not your competitor’s. Ensure every page has its brief detail, and it should have the keyword to make a difference in ratings.

Set the tracking software to enable you to see the visitors to your website and the activities they carry out. This helps you to rate your website’s performance, and its worthiness hence recommended to check it regularly.

Link up with influencers, colleagues and other close people and inquire if they could help with promoting your site. Maximize on using already create relationships such as bloggers and other web owners.

Set your strategies to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

After all these steps, you can wait on your way to fulfilment and as soon as you start making streams, update your SEO with the metrics guidelines.


Search Engine Optimization has a significant role in business revenue and the website at large;

The ranking of search engines has an indirect effect on the performance of the business. A good SEO brings numerous visitors to your site as compared to when you are not ranked well in Google. You might lose track and lose chances in the long run. The main goals of SEO are to maximize keywords, keyword ranking and organic streaming in the website. All these factors increase the number of visitors and potential customers.

There is more to discuss SEO and revenue, but we will look at two perspectives; More streams to the website do not bring any revenue, but when you cannot be found online, it may be challenging to make sales or get earnings from affiliate ads.

SEO earns revenue when the number of potential customers is more, people are currently ready to make a purchase, the visitors of the site do not need intensive persuasion to buy, customers buy more, and your users regularly comment, like, share and shop.

How To Do A Technical SEO Audit

Conducting SEO Audit takes the following steps;

  1. Start the audit with crawling before anything else. Use SEO Technical Audit tools such as SEM rush, Spyful and Deepcrawl.
  2. Make a review on your sitemap. The sitemap helps to provide the search engine with your information and help find new pages.
  3. Ensure that only one version of your site can browse to avoid mixing signals for the engine.
  4. Examine the internal linking factors such as the click depth, broken links and orphan pages.
  5. Testing the speed of the website. Ensure that people do not have to wait for the website to load and take long as this will discourage them.
  6. Checking of the https content for links, redirects, mixed details and canonicals.
  7. Compare website metrics using analytics to ensure if your analytics is giving out factual data.
  8. Perform a Backlink audit which shows the value of the site content to the users.
  9. Conduct a Re-crawl once the problems in the SEO technical audit template have been solved

Digital Planet London Helps In SEO For B2b And B2c

Digital planet London is a digital marketing agency in London which has a group of creative with technical expertise and great thinkers. They have expertise in engine optimization, which is an excellent example of a good website with keyword al through. It entails bringing specific changes in the design to make it more appealing to search engines.

They have a fantastic team in SEO which brings more streams to their site and hence potential customers. Their SEO undertakings involve to modify and optimize the website, update content and ensure its user friendly to bring more customers.  They always make changes on their site, and what they work with today is irrelevant tomorrow.

The Importance Of Social Media In COVID-19

The Importance Of Social Media In COVID-19

Since the unfortunate incident of the pandemic, many businesses have been lagging, and there have been adverse effects on b2b and b2c businesses. The world has been facing has these extensive effects, but the saviour on marketing amid the COVID-19 pandemic is social media. The crisis has caught many business owners unaware, and the unpreparedness has been causing risks of losses. The statistics of the virus cases have been rising and causing more threats to the marketing strategy 2020 for businesses. The main strategy that has been causing success for business owners is social media like the Facebook marketplace.

Most data is transmitted through social media platforms nowadays. You can convey important product information to masses of online audiences easily through all social media platforms. The strategy has led to the success of many businesses during this pandemic. There are many positive impacts of social media on businesses, and it’s a great promotion tool for b2b products.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Business, B2b And B2c

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses have been facing the challenge of staying in business, and social media is the main marketing strategy of 2020.

The decrease in profits in the business industries is significant, especially in hospitality and tourism businesses. There are many negative impacts on the businesses, especially the financial capacities in businesses. From the reports of businesses trying the marketing agency London to sell their products, it’s vital to go digital as a business owner during the pandemic.

Uncertainty for business success has been on the rise this year after the outbreak of COVID-19, and it’s evident on the revenue, sales, liquidity, and cash flows of businesses. The economy has been shifting due to the negative impacts that are causing stagnation in businesses. The social media platforms have been enabling business owners to stay in business despite these challenges.

All B2B and B2C have been going digital, and working from home has been working perfectly for them. The new normal has been working remotely, but without social media platforms or digital agencies, businesses wouldn’t be booming.

Many businesses were selling traditionally by negotiating orally, but the pandemic is showing the need for digital marketing and virtual businesses/ online marketing strategy 2020.

The economic challenges are on the rise since the outbreak of the virus, and the main effect on the business sector is losses. Many businesses have lost clients since the pandemic, and this has been affecting the financial capacity of companies. The result has been conducting lay-offs to employees, giving employees’ unpaid leaves or firing them.

The vaccine has not been created yet, and this has been causing many constraints on businesses because the recovery time is still unpredictable. The main thing that’s helping businesses to strive is social media and digital platforms. Many companies are reaching out to customers through Facebook marketing and selling online. Through online platforms, customers can access products and make purchases easily; this has been a revolution to the B2B and B2C sectors.

How Social Media Helped These B2b And B2c In Covid-19 And How The Business Who Don’t Have Social Media Presence Get Worst For Their Business

There have been many adverse effects on the business sector, especially the supply chain, due to the pandemic restrictions. There have been significant changes in consumer behaviours, and e-commerce has been the winning sector in the business world.

Joining the e-commerce sector can be challenging, and several strategies lead to a successful business during the pandemic.  Through the strategies, businesses have been gaining many benefits. Social media has been the last resort during these trying times, and these are the strategies many business owners have been following.

These are the strategies businesses have been putting in place during these challenging times of coronavirus outbreak;

  • Businesses have been moving their customers to online sales platforms. Through social media marketing, customers have been getting updates on the new products in the market, among other things. What business owners have to do is creating a new page for customers, adding them to the platform and keeping them involved in business discussions.
  • Monitoring customers’ behaviour is easier through social media platforms. The more you learn about your customers’ specifications, taste and preference, the higher the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Businesses have been meeting customers’ needs easily through online platforms, and this has been aiding in streamlining returns in B2B and B2Cs.
  • With a web store businesses have been retaining customers despite the closure of physical stores. The social media platforms have been enabling customers to reach out to sellers and place orders online. Many business owners have free delivery services, and this makes it easier for customers to shop online.
  • The best thing about b2b going digital is that they can easily display their levels of stock and pricing. Business owners have flexibility, and customers can track their deliveries easily.

The role of Digital Planet agency to the companies that are worsening during the lockdown or pandemic

After the outbreak of this pandemic, the only way for businesses to thrive is through the use of social media platforms. The digital planet agencies have been helping to connect customers to sellers despite the restrictions of movement.

The solution to disrupted supply chains is digital agencies and social media platforms. Through the virtual revolution, many customers can get satisfaction and still interact effectively with sellers.  That’s how businesses have been scaling up on the process of virtual businesses and increasing cash flows amidst the pandemic.  Market power has been improving through digital agencies, and this has been favouring some B2B and B2Cs during the pandemic.

These platforms have been creating safer means of conducting businesses, and this has been improving customers’ decision making processes.  Businesses can focus on proper maximization of financial resources amidst the pandemic through digital planet agencies, and this has been aiding in proper planning. There is an improved relevance of social media marketing strategy 2020 because there have been several challenges since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Digital approaches have been helping businesses as long as you know the target audience as a business owner.  Once you understand the common things that clients search for you can strategize on ways of meeting their needs.  Through updating your web content, often you build proper relations with customers.


Importance of Social Media In Sales and Revenue Increase

In the current century, social media marketing has been an in thing for almost all businesses. It is by social media marketing that most businesses have seen increased sales and significant revenue growth.  It is wise for any business to create and develop a website then expand your outreach through other social media channels. According to the world, we are in today; it is rare for a company that is inactive on social media to succeed. That’s because they tend to lose great opportunities, and in most case, their products and services are not known to consumers.

Using media platforms for marketing

Social media helps businesses to interact with the target market, therefore enabling them to advertise their products and services which boosts sales. For most companies, twitter and Facebook are commonly used platforms. Going through updates, comments and tweets from customers enable businesses to understand what their customers require, need and prefer. In this way, it becomes easy for companies to come up with relevant strategies of how to meet these customer’s needs. Social media marketing is considered relevant for businesses due to a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to:

  • It helps increase awareness; Social media is very efficient as it allows companies to provide information, get feedback from customers and vice versa. In case a customer has a query, complaint or compliment about a business, they can share the same effectively and efficiently. Companies that respond to these customer thoughts are likely to boost sales in social media. As they say, customers tend to buy where they feel happy and appreciated.
  • It helps keep businesses even with their competitors; every business is usually faced with competition, and it is what pushes business to growth. So long as your competitors in business are using social media advertisement to increase sales, then you need to keep up with digital marketing methodologies. Most companies are boosting their sales by social media marketing. For good revenue collection, you need to stay ahead of your competitors and provide the best to your customers.
  • It helps get customers; through social media, you can quickly get customers so long as you post your products and services and give a description. Ensure you give direction for any interested customer to have access to your business.
  • It is affordable; Social media is a very cost-effective way to market and promote your products and services. It is through these social media campaigns that businesses see an increase in sales, yet they have not incurred an extra budget. Small businesses, therefore, have a fair deal, especially when competing with existing and well-known brands.
  • It is an effective way of marketing; social media creates awareness among consumers and gives businesses a chance to remind customers about the products and services being offered frequently. It is, however, advisable for a business to be keen when advertising on social media so that they do not overwhelm customers by their online campaigns. Strategically placed adverts are likely to lead to sales growth in social media.
  • Social media is informative. It is through social media that most businesses get to learn what their competitors are selling and how they are doing it. By this means, it is easy for a business to come up with a plan on how to hit the market with their advertisements to attract customers.

Social Media For Business Growth And Increased Sales

Social media platforms are so popular, and this is the reason why all business should market and sell their brands through them. Most marketers know how to create brand awareness through social media, but few are not sure how to use it to increase sales. Social media is, however, an essential marketing tool that business should incorporate to increase sales and revenue. Here are some tips to keep in mind when doing advertisement in social media to increase sales;

  • Ensure you are where your audience is: It is vital when targeting social media marketing to ensure that you use platforms that are suitable for your consumers. Discover where your audience is most active, and in this way, you will know which platform to focus on and get customers. In this way, you are likely to boost sales in social media.
  • Ensure your content is excellent: You would rather have little content that is educative to your audience on the quality of your products. If there is value in your content, there is a greater chance for your audience to remember your brand and want to buy from you. That ultimately brings revenue to your business.
  • Consider utilizing combined shopping features: Most consumers are likely to use platforms that ease purchase for them. Most platforms have integrated these features, so it is better to consider them. It is even easier for you as the marketer to drive sales through these social media platforms, e.g. Instagram shopping, Facebook shop, Pin interest etc.
  • Consider using similar hashtags with competitors: Consider standing out from other businesses by showing up first in any hashtag search by prospective consumers. Once find a suitable medium then you can stick by it, and in this way, there is a likelihood of having more sales.
  • Give away coupons: Coupons have been used as a way to entice customers. Every customer would not mind getting a coupon that will allow them to purchase products and services at discounted rates. This way, you boost sales in social media.
  • Promote through give away products.
  • Introduce flash sales: These usually create urgency among consumers, and they boost sales. Most businesses offer a special price on products and services over a specified period. For this to work, advertise flash sales weeks before, and this will attract more customers to check out your products often, and there is an assured increased revenue over this duration.
  • Post photos: In most cases, words alone do not seem to drive the point home like words like come along with photos of the said products. For instance, if you post a photo of a product on Facebook, there is a great chance to get likes from friends who like through friends. In this way, your likelihood of selling more of that product is high.
  • Increase your exposure on social media platforms: As mentioned earlier, most businesses have websites; therefore, it is a plus to have buttons here, linking to your social media. Consider having links on emails, newsletters and this way you get more followers hence more people learn of your social media sales.
  • You can go mobile: In this generation, almost everyone has a mobile phone which they use to access these social media platforms. You can consider having automated messages sent out to potential customers with links that once clicked on direct them to your social media platform.

In Conclusion:

The digital planet is of great help to businesses in increasing sales and revenue, and it is evolving. Business marketers should, therefore know to correctly control digital properties to know the importance of social media in sales and business generally. Business can consider finding advisors or independent agencies to market on their behalf. This is because maintaining a right digital presence can be challenging. Optimizing these platforms can maximize effectiveness and revenue they are bound to generate.

Ideas To Keep Your Brand Fresh

Ideas To Keep Your Brand Fresh

When you are conducting content marketing and social media campaigns, you need to keep your brand fresh to entice customers. The strategy for businesses nowadays is digital planet social media marketing and using creativity to come up with a fresh brand. The moment you deliver high-quality content to your customers, you will increase your chances of making sales. Businesses Keep customers with daily updates using fresh posts, giveaways adverts and promotions is a good strategy for retaining customers.

Keeping a brand fresh can be challenging, but old posts will reduce traffic in your site; hence a fresh brand is important. You can use creativity to keep your customers interested in your products through fresh branding.

Here Are Ten Ideas To Keep The Brand Fresh On Social Media

  • Create a series that allows interaction with clients often

To keep clients interested in your brand, you need to post creative posts in your daily or weekly feed. The challenging part of social media marketing is keeping the audience entertained, but with this tip, you can retain customers for a long time.

The common platform for reaching out to customers is twitter among other platforms, and you can take advantage of hashtags to keep your brand fresh. Engaging followers to your brand is a good strategy for creating a customer base.  Once you catch the attention of your clients, you can tap them and get more purchases within a short time. Use hashtags that target prospects and use them regularly.

  • Use giveaways or contests as a strategy for keeping your brands fresh.

The main weakness of human beings is free things; hence giveaways attract many clients, and it’s a good strategy for keeping your brand fresh. The impact of giveaways on social media platforms engages many followers in discussions about a brand. That’s how you can get as many customers as possible through these contests.

The best thing about using giveaways as a strategy for having a fresh brand is that you need minimal requirements. The only thing you need is an item to give away, terms or conditions about the product, a contract and a creative entry strategy.  To keep track of people joining such contests, you can use hashtags. Through contests, you can spike and engage many followers in your brand campaign. Among all the strategies, this is a great way to launch a fresh brand in the market.

  • Use the strategy of retweeting, repin and share

The best strategy to promote brands on social media platforms is by involving fans through repinning/ retweeting. Sharing engages followers and fans in the talk or discussion about a product. You can promote other brands by actively involving them in discussions about your brand. That’s how you keep your brand fresh.

Creating engaging and entertaining content keeps your sales on a high pitch and retweeting a creative caption helps a lot.

  • Use video clips

Nowadays, many ads use videos to keep their brands fresh, and it aids in gaining a wide market outreach. When creating a video ad, ensure that it has high levels of creativity to keep the clients actively involved.

A video ad should be short but entail all the relevant brand information, design and creativity should be on the high end.  This strategy aims to entertain customers and to keep them updated about your fresh brand.

  • Co-market with other brands

When you join with other brands, you can build a campaign to keep both your brands fresh. Strategies to team up include use of webinars, promotions or ebooks. Through co-marketing, you learn from the other brand, and this gives you exposure to a larger audience. That’s why, through this strategy, you leverage branding and engaging your clients.  During co-marketing, look for a business/ brand that you share a common target audience.

  • Use tutorials

Breaking down brand information into a tutorial is a great strategy to engage customers in your business comprehensively. Explanations about the Brand should be short and step by step to keep the brand fresh.

  • Use live videos

You can keep your brand fresh by going live because many online fans spend a long time watching videos live. You can take advantage of the streaming strategy to reach out to a target audience.

  • Always send a shout out to your customers

Appreciating customers is a great way to keep your brand fresh. Using social media to appreciate fans and customers is a great way to keep your brands fresh.  When you appreciate and involve customers in your brand, they share your posts to other prospects and promote your business.

  • Use Q&A interviews

When you interview influencers, you can learn a lot from the audience ideas. Podcasts help business owners to conduct these interviews and keep their brands fresh.

  • Use of memes

Nowadays, you can use a sense of humour to reach out to a wide audience. You can convey important data about a brand through memes and drive more prospects ton your site.

Importance Of Good Branding To Reach People On Social Media For Business

Social media platforms help in reaching out to prospects, and it boosts visibility hence increasing the audience outreach. Through good branding, you enjoy many benefits as the business owner. These are;

  • It creates brand awareness among prospects.
  • It helps customers in their decision-making process.
  • It shows authenticity and actively involves customers.
  • Engaging customers helps in the promotion of your brand.
  • It leads to an improvement in sales.

Role Of Digital Planet London Agency In Helping Business To Keep Their Brand Fresh

For all digital marketing solutions, the best platform for consultation is the digital planet London agency. It aids in keeping a fresh brand through many strategies, and it plays some roles. The roles include;

  • Use of social media marketing tools to reach out to wide audiences and promote your brand.
  • Attracting customers through unique website development and design.
  • It helps in ranking your brand site through SEO strategies.
  • Creation of user interfaces through product designs.
  • Development of platforms to maintain application data.