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How global supply chain issues are affecting economies

With the pandemic beginning to ease and a sense of hope filling the world, industries across the globe are feeling the stresses of a spike in demand from consumers. As more countries begin to ease Covid restrictions and life returns to normal, customers have an increased appetite for spending. This is beginning to have effects on global supply chains which coronavirus scares help to exacerbate.

A brief scare in southern China caused export delays for the country as the government quickly took action to halt the spread of the virus. While this incident was quickly controlled, this type of delay can aggravate issues that are already causing global problems.

Just recently the UK populace was recently warned of a shorting of camping equipment due to supply chain issues. This microcosm is one example of a problem that is having far reaching consequences in society.

The global chip shortage is possible most famous for causing issues for the release of the most recent console generation. Scalpers reign supreme and online bots purchase every item available before a human customer ever has a chance. This issue has plagued online shopping for years. Recently the UK government responded saying they were looking at expanding scalping protection to help prevent this from happening.

However, the chip shortage affects far more than games consoles. Ford recently had to halt production of their most popular vehicle, the F-150, due to a lack of chips needed for the cars production. This move could potentially lose Ford millions of dollars, but due to global supply chain issues they have no other choice.

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Markets across the globe are being rocked by global issues that continue to develop quickly. The effects of the pandemic will still be felt for years to come, and the full impact may never be known. Even as the US invests in local semiconductor manufacturing , supply chain issues will still run rampant and wreck-havoc on global markets.

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Guide to connecting with your audience

Having a connection with your audience is a great way to create loyalty, gain followers, and expand your reach.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create a positive connection with your audience:

  1. Learn what your audience’s personas – Get to know them by-polls, questionnaires and, the interaction quality. What social media do they use the most? This can help hugely in the promotion stages. What content are they interested in? You can definitely use this knowledge to your advantage.
  2. Talk to them, not at them – The benefit of talking to your audience is that you’ll gain your connection much quicker as well as it being strong too. If you’re just talking at them your audience won’t feel valued and are less likely to engage in future posts. It can be easy to forget that you’re talking to other people but it’s important to push past that mentality as it can become very harmful to your business.
  3.  Use the feedback – It’s easier to get the feedback rather than acting on it and delivering exactly what is being asked. Pay attention to what is being said and create a strategy on how to act upon it.
  4. Be consistent – Use all your platforms effectively by creating quality content that is shared at reasonable times. Having a schedule is not only create in creating a bond with your audience but also it can help yourself and your team out by having deadlines set. Consistency can also reflect very well as a brand and business as it shows professionalism.
  5. Be real – Humanizing your brand can make your audience feel a real connection that robotic and un-aminated text can’t achieve. Personalization is great for customer and audience engagement.

How can I use the feedback effectively? Firstly you need to listen to what is being said. Secondly, you need to collect the data and organize it and decide what will be beneficial to you. Thirdly, be open-minded even if you don’t agree. Fourthly, clarify the answers if you’re unsure. Then you’re able to accept praise and understand your strengths much better. After you’ve absorbed all that information you can go on and use that knowledge to better yourself and the business. 

What is the benefit of using feedback to improve performance? With regular feedback, it increases motivation that can produce great outcomes alongside helping set goals to move towards improvement. Goals can be difficult to set if there’s no clear message and change that is being needed however a huge change isn’t always necessary as sometimes it’s just the smaller things that need tweaking which using feedback can allow you to identify.

How can I make a poll that collects feedback efficiently:

  1. Ask only one question at once – If you’re asking too much it’ll complicate the results you’re getting.
  2. If you’re planning to ask multiple questions be sure to spread them out as doesn’t spam the feed to look like questions only. A mix of content is key.
  3. Don’t be afraid to test your questions – Not every question might get a large response but it’s okay to experiment with what your audience likes to interact with more.

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