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Components of a good website

Are you interested in learning about what makes a good website? Here is a short guide for you that’ll spark your imagination.


  • Does your website show a clear intent? What is the purpose of the website and what is it trying to achieve? And do you know what your target audience is? Being able to cater your website to your goals and plans is a great start in creating an effective website.


  • Is your website technically correct? Having errors on the technical end is one of the worst things as it shows unprofessionalism. Having a website that loads fast all over the world is great for any website. No popular and top websites have huge amounts of errors remember to keep that in mind.


  • Is your website safe? If Google deems a website safe it’ll display a padlock in the top right of the URL bar and if it doesn’t display it the likelihood of it being unsafe is increased. Having a safe website is immensely important and if the website is unsafe it has a higher chance of getting hacked alongside leaving sensitive information vulnerable.


  • How’s your website design looking? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it’s important that your design looks clear and reflects the brand well. The user experience is important and accessibility is vital. Having a nice looking website is one thing but more into the interface is greatly important. If your website is complicated and not easy to navigate the customer/user is more likely to click off. We have experts on user interface here at Digital Planet who more than happy to assist you if you need them.


  • Content that focuses on the customer is very important and you need to remember at the end of the day the customer is the one who makes you money. Using other means such as social media is a great way to create a connection and learn about what your audience requires and are looking for.


  • Is your website mobile-friendly? Everyone these days carries a mobile phone and having your website easily accessible is a great way to cater to all audiences who may not own a computer or laptop. Here at Digital Planet London we also have readily available professionals to help you create a mobile-friendly website.


  • Having an SEO website is arguably the most important thing when planning and creating a website. So, what is SEO? SEO is search engine optimization that is used to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. Here at Digital Planet London we proudly offer a service from experts that’ll guide you through all things SEO.


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Top industries 2021

With 2021 being an uncertain territory like 2020 this article measures the top industries based on growth. These results are in no particular order.


  1. Safety equipment and supplies wholesalers –  The early stages of the pandemic have left many nervous and panic buying which left the local supermarkets out of regular cleaning supplies and masks and even toilet paper. The safety equipment industry has hit an all-time high with many people looking for extra ways to protect themselves during the pandemic.


  1. Online food ordering and delivery in the UK – With everyone being asked to stay at home as much as possible the growth in food ordering sites has increased over double than before the unfortunate event of the pandemic. Ordering food is the easier alternative than opposed to cooking in some cases and working at home presenting pressure to be able to complete enough work in your own space reduces the motivation of home cooking if time isn’t managed properly.


  1. Online greeting card retailers and suppliers – The pandemic have left people stuck at home without much communication and sending a greeting card or a message has become the next best option. Purchasing greeting cards online is arguably much safer than walking into a store during a pandemic.


  1. E-Commerce and online auctions – Online auctions are the safest way to bid on items, properties, and whatnot during the pandemic. In-person auctions have been highly discouraged due to safety concerns and with many platforms that offer online auctions, it makes this a lot easier.


  1. Audiobook publishing – Audiobooks have risen in popularity over the last few years as it provides a great book/reading experience for those who are unable to have the time to read plus it’s a relaxing way to infuse pleasure alongside work if needed.


  1. CRM systems providers – The CRM system providers sell programs and software which is important in creating a management strategy for customer and client interactions as well as sales prospects and with the increase of online businesses and services during 2020 this industry is growing alongside it.


  1. Language learning software developers – Unfortunately, this pandemic has left many without jobs leaving a lot of empty and free time. Learning a new language has become increasingly popular as people are trying to find something productive to learn during their free time as it can relieve some of the stress caused by the events happening around the world. Despite the negatives, this has become a positive for language learning software developers as the need for good and reliable language learning resources has increased.


  1. Respiratory protection equipment – The need for this equipment has risen rapidly during the pandemic as it’s vital in hospitals at the moment as COVID-19 hits very hard on the respiratory system. Unfortunately, if this equipment wasn’t readily available it’ll impact hospitals drastically.


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Business tips for beginners

This guide is brought to you by Digital Planet London to give you great tips to help beginners in their business starting adventures. Starting a business especially in 2021 may seem daunting but we have many experts readily available to help you and give the best advice possible.

  1. Know your own limits and your own targets – Remember that your motivation and drive will reflect in your business and if you’re not in the position to put a large amount of energy, time, and dedication into this project then opening a business may not be for you at this time. Not only there are mental limits there are also money limits that need to be accounted for, and will you be in the position to push for this? Opening and starting a business requires you to put yourself out of your comfort zone and if you feel like you aren’t ready for that then you aren’t ready for a business it can seem quite intimidating and challenging if you’re not fully ready for it
  2. Picking the right business industry – You need to research what is good alongside what type of business you want as it may seem good to you but may fail from a business point of view. Think of fresh, new ideas that’ll appeal to the current and modern-day trends.
  3. Know all about your competitors – Researching into who you’re going to be up against is vital as you don’t want to copy another business as it’ll lose its charms however you can use what they didn’t succeed to your advantage as you’ll know what to avoid and what areas need improvement. Use the competition to spark motivation and determination within yourself and your own business.
  4. Believe in yourself – If you don’t believe in what your doing then it’ll reflect and can be very bad especially if you’re trying to encourage an investor, why you may ask? If you don’t believe why should an investor believe? The way you come across is very important in a business.
  5. Plan your success – What are your goals and what is your ideal final destination? Knowing these things will help the process of starting, owning, and running a business much smoother as you have a clear idea of what you want. You will learn more and more as the process goes on but having a base is heavily important as it allows you to move through each step from start to finish clearly.
  6. The operational needs – What do you need? Who are you selling it to and how will it work behind the scenes? Think employers, customer service, media presence, and all of the things behind the scenes that the customer may not visibly see.
  7. Don’t be lazy – It’s way quicker to execute plans as soon as possible rather than delay everything as it shows how eager and motivated you are.
  8. Start small then work your way up – You have to remember that every business has to start somewhere for example Amazon didn’t start out that big and neither can you. When starting small and you see the good results and the increases in areas that matter such as profits and reach then you can consider expanding your business.
  9. Don’t let mistakes put you down – Learn from your mistakes and use them to your advantage because if you fixate on them too much it can bring your motivation and energy levels down which is something you don’t want to do at all.
  10. Be open to learn from others – Alongside learning from your competition and your own business there are many groups that will have people in the same boat as you looking for advice and tips that can help you greatly.
  11. Research potential investors – When you know what an investor is looking for it’s easier to align what you want and what they’re wanting to splash the cash in. There’s a wide range of investors out there so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t find someone who is looking for what you have to offer straight away.
  12. Learn about digital marketing – This day and age is a complete playground for digital marketing and familiarising yourself is a great way to start. With the unfortunate event of the panic, digital marketing has become the new norm for almost everything business and it’s highly recommended by many to invest time, money, and knowledge into it.


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Best Marketing Strategy for 2021

Are you looking for ways to improve your marketing for the new year of 2021? This article is crafted to give you the best marketing strategies that are predicted to grow in 2021 based on the popularity in 2020.


  1. Education within the content – Content with an educational purpose has been on the rise and considered more valuable content. Using knowledge is a way that’s used to build an audiences’ trust which is essential for marketing.
  2. Personal marketing messages – Creating content that utilizes demographics and analytics.
  3. Updated content – Having updated and consistent posts is a great strategy to create a professional image of the business and build foundations for a relationship with the customer. Another benefit of updated content is the potential of an increase in organic ranking which can lead to more traffic which can then lead to new customers.
  4. Video content – In 2020 video content popularity increased heavily and is expected to rise even more in 2021 due to videos giving a sense of familiarity and providing a connection to the audience. If you have the time and resources I highly recommend adding video content into the mix alongside your updated and valuable content.
  5. Livestream – Alongside the regular video content, live streaming has been on the increase too. A lot of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram now offer a live option to live stream which has a variety of benefits such as increasing engagement to increasing page activity.
  6. Podcast – Podcasts have been getting more and more popular amongst many of all ages which can be a great strategy to add more variety to your content. Podcasts are great for interviews and deeper discussions which would be too long to go into a regular video.
  7. SEO – Using SEO to your advantage is a great way to increase your online presence which will convert an impression to engagement. There are many ways to improve SEO which our team here at Digital Planet London are happy to help you with, the contact information will be available at the end of this post.
  8. Email marketing – Email marketing has been a popular way to increase sales conversion for the longest time and it can become even easier and less time consuming with an automated system.
  9. Voice technology – Voice recognition has started to become the new norm within the past few years and with this, it’s a great addition to the regular chatbot.
  10. Expand your blog topics – With a lot of new events happening there are plenty of topics to talk about and discuss which can easily be written out into a blog article format.

Our team here at Digital Planet London are here to assist you in your marketing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try our best to help you elevate your digital marketing experience.

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How should your company measure social media marketing success?

There are many factors that are important to measure the success of social media.

Target audience to convert to reach,  impressions and engagement. Having a specific target audience it’s extremely beneficial to create a larger reach, more impressions, and engagement.


What a reach, impression, and engagement? A reach of how many people have seen your content, an impression is the number of times your content has been displayed and an engagement is how many times the content has been clicked on for example a tweet can be viewed on your feed which is an impression and if they click onto the tweet it’s an engagement.


How can I grow my social media presence?

The first step of growing your presence in the planning stage where you identify your goals and your target audience.

Secondly, you need to understand what your audience needs, and being able to cater your content to your audience is vital in improving engagement. In order to bring people to your site or post learning about your audience will help you create content that benefits them.

Visuals are great to draw people in, how do your icons look? Are your icons placed appropriately where your audience can engage with?

Connections and links are very important. When creating a post having it linked to other forms of communication increases engagement. Like a post you see and want to learn more? Use this conveniently placed link!

Share your content, if you aren’t sharing you’re missing out on an extended reach, impressions, and engagements. Sharing your content doesn’t take much time at all and it’ll definitely boost your numbers.

The production of valuable content is a great way to show professionalism and to showcase your business or website skills which will also event in bringing more customers and money if applicable.

Engagement, engagement, and more engagement. If you aren’t interacting with your audience what’s the point of using social media? The whole point of social media is to be social. You draw people in when asking questions and showing valuable content.

Optimization is key. How can I optimize it? Using keywords that connect with your business. What are your customers searching to be able to find your website?

Hashtags are in. Using hashtags is a great way to grow your social media presence as it’s used all the time on all different popular platforms.

Consistency and scheduling is a great way to create a connection with the audience as they have an idea of when the next post is and are able to check it out when it’s released. Scheduling is a great way to not become overwhelmed with the amount of content and help you create valuable content.

Customer service is important, being available to answer questions is a great way to support your business and support your customers. Also having open hours displayed on your page is a great way to let your audience know when they should expect a reply.

Keeping all these factors, points, and ideas in mind is a great way to increase your social media presence and ultimately help you collate the resources needed to measure your social marketing success. If your numbers are going up it means you’re doing a good job and getting noticed even more.

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