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How Digital Marketing Operations Can Transform Business

How Digital Marketing Operations Can Transform Business

Every marketing people knows about the 7 marketing mixes that transformed the marketing world- product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical evidence. Now that technology has come a long way, Digital Marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses.

Digital marketing, otherwise known as online marketing, has taken the marketing of products and services to a new level. With this tool, you can reach very close to your consumers and directly interact with them. But it’s crucial to understand how digital marketing operations can transform business.

Digital Marketing: In A Nutshell

Marketing is promoting a product or service through ads and other means to increase its market share. In digital marketing, corporations promote a product or service using digital platforms like social media, websites, apps, search engines, etc.

Because of technological advancement and new trends, companies are focused on digital marketing to grow their business and reach more customers. This new way of marketing has also reduced customer acquisition costs for businesses.

Because of the new technology and features, digital marketing has gone to the next level. Now businesses can directly communicate with their customers, and this communication is both ways, which is very crucial for a business.

Here are some key takeaways about digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing allows businesses to connect directly with their customers.
  • This is not just website marketing; it’s spread across all online platforms.
  • It is a two-way communication between businesses and customers.
  • Combining digital marketing and traditional marketing is the best strategy.
  • The challenge of digital marketing is that as a marketer, you have to set yourself above through ads to attract more and more customers.
What Are The Different Types of Digital Marketing Platforms

What Are The Different Types of Digital Marketing Platforms?

Digital marketing is spread across all digital platforms. Knowing them will give you a good idea of how businesses practice digital marketing to grow.

Here are some of the prominent digital marketing platforms:


Website is a powerful digital marketing platform. It displays what products or services a business offers. So, websites should remain updated with the correct information in an attractive way. A fast, easily accessible, and mobile-friendly website will always attract people to visit.

Social Media

Social media marketing is the latest trend in digital marketing. Brands and businesses have increased their presence on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc., are top-rated sites for marketing. In fact, you can sell your products directly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vast and effective marketing strategy where marketers reach their potential customers by publishing content. These contents can be of various forms. It can be a piece of article, an interactive video, a podcast, an eBook, and various other forms.  

Affiliate Marketing

Digital platforms have given affiliate marketing a new dimension. Now influencers promote businesses and products on digital platforms and earn commission every time a sale goes through. Giants companies like Amazon spend millions of dollars on Affiliate marketing each month.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ancient form of digital marketing. Marketers promote a business, send subscription copies, and do other promotional activities through emails. It’s still a brilliant way of marketing that businesses use regardless of their size.

SMS Marketing

Companies now also use text messages or SMS for promotional activities. Businesses can send news on sales, the latest collections, awareness, and many other promotional activities through SMS marketing. Since SMS are sent directly to customers’ cell phone numbers, the chances of customers noticing the message are very high.

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How Do Digital Marketing Operations Transform Businesses

How Do Digital Marketing Operations Transform Businesses?

Digital marketing combines a lot of factors. It does not just promote products and services; it also analyzes customers’ experience with a brand, their behavioral patterns, their likes & dislikes, etc. So, predicting customer behavior and creating an experience accordingly has become possible.

It’s incredible how digital marketing is changing business. Let’s see how it happens:            

By Catering A Good Experience

Customers or potential customers might forget what they read or heard about you, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Customer experience is a vital element in digital marketing. People will only remember if the promotional content is good or engaging.

That’s why digital marketers create ads and promotions that give customers an excellent experience to remember. And as a result, people are attracted to these promotions. Whenever they visit their social media platforms or watch any video online, promotional ads pop up and grab their attention.

By Understanding The Customers Better

Digital marketing is not just promoting ads or campaigning about a product or service. It’s much more than that. The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that digital marketing allows you to understand your customers.

Through digital marketing, you can track who is interested in your promotional activities, who are watching your ads and for how long, and what demography they belong to. You will get a lot of data about your customers, which will help you understand their behavior and design your product or service according to that.

That’s what digital marketers are doing. As a result, they can now offer customized offerings to their customers. This is how digital marketing transformation happens, where the business community has much data and information about their consumers.

By Enforcing Regulations and Governance

Technology is a machine or process that requires the right people and regulations to govern. Without experts, machines cannot implement any policy on their own. So, every business needs to set strict regulations and good governance to follow. It’s imperative to set up the proper practices.

Businesses have enforced some regulations regarding digital marketing operations. For example, how much individual data to collect from customers, what promotion processes to follow, etc. There is some governance from the government side as well.

Most companies have standardized their digital marketing operations. So, there’s no more prolonged lack of clarity, and the responsibilities are divided among people working in digital marketing operations.

By Implementing The Right Marketing Technology

The right marketing technology is associated with an overall good experience for customers or potential customers. Marketing technology also helps navigate the ecosystem for businesses. It is basically the connecting dot between customer experience and marketing operation.

Marketing technology helps businesses build a system where everybody and every platform works flexibly. Most digital marketers have a marketing technology in place that enables them to perform day-to-day tasks, implement plans, and adopt new technologies.

By Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has changed the digital world. It has total control over online platforms. This intelligent robot has the power to track and record everything that goes on digital platforms. That’s why people use AI in digital marketing operations.

AI can track, record, analyze, and predict customer behavior, purchasing patterns, and other real-people metrics. That’s why the inclusion of AI has revolutionized digital marketing operations. Now, businesses know a great deal about their customers because of AI.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how digital marketing operations can transform business. You can grow your business rapidly with the right digital marketing platform like Digital Planet. Digital Planet can be a perfect partner in providing you with the right policy, strategy, and implementation of digital marketing operations.