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How does interactive content benefit marketing?

How does interactive content benefit marketing

First of all, what is interactive content? Interactive content encourages the audience to engage, like assessments, quizzes, and interactive infographics.

Some more examples of interactive content:

  • Interactive E-Books
  • Interactive Emails
  • Webinars
  • Mobile Games/Apps
  • Interactive Calculators
  • Interactive 360 Videos
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Augmented Reality Overlays

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Modern-day consumers love interactive content:

  • Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media and increasing conversion rates up to 86%.
  • People prefer watching live and engaging content as opposed to pre-recorded videos.

Is interactive content worthy of the hype?

To put it shortly, yes. Increased engagement, creating a relationship with the audience, and capturing more data is a huge plus. Marketers and strategists have declared interactive media the future of media because it works well.

How is interactive content so appealing?

Having something interactive gives your potential buyers and customers a reason to hang around on your page.

Many interactive content pieces go viral on social media because they attract attention and are easy to share.

For example, BuzzFeed‘s quizzes are utterly ridiculous at times(find out what donut you are or what type of bread you are), but we still do them because they’re a great laugh with friends, and there you have it, one person sharing to a group increasing the engagement.

Humans love to interact in general, and competitiveness is in many of us, so quizzes, surveys, leaderboards, and minigames are great for engagement.

Using interactive content to collect important sales information

Using polls and surveys is a great way to get feedback from your audience instead of reaching out to everyone individually and asking them to write an essay. With the information you retrieve, you’re able to make adjustments accordingly.

Things to consider with interactive content

Despite interactive content being a great positive thing, there are also many things to consider before deciding to use it.

First, do you have the money to create the content you desire? Everything has a price, and if you’re tight on coins, this might not be the best option for you at that particular moment.

Secondly, are you able to boost conversions with the interactive content? If not, then it might not be for you.

Thirdly, will you be able to create something unique and eyecatching?

Fourthly, do you have a team ready to back you up and create inspiring content with you?

I like what I hear, so how can I get started?

Stage 1 – The planning stage. Pull together your ideas and identify what you’re trying to achieve with your interactive content. Put yourself in the customer’s perspective and ask yourself, what would push you to buy an item? How can you create an immersive user experience? What information do you want to take from your audience?

Stage 2 – The creation stage. When designing, it’s vital to make sure the team is all on the same page and creating something with the same goal.

Stage 3 – The marketing stage. Ensure you’re promoting far and wide and encouraging people to share your content.

Stage 4 – The testing stage. Check your progress, learn from your feedback, and grow with that information.

The conclusion

To sum it all up, interactive content benefits marketing in many ways – Increased shareability, visibility, increased audience interaction, boosted conversion, and a way to view feedback.

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