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How to Become a Marketing Automation Specialist?

How to Become a Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing automation is a technique that automates mundane and monotonous repetitive marketing tasks. Many businesses use marketing automation softwares to generate and find potential leads and maintain and nurture healthy relationships with their customers.

But How to Become a Marketing Automation Specialist? Read on to learn more!

Before adopting this practice, brands usually spent a lot on TV, press, and radio advertisements. After this, there used to be a dedicated sales team that used to make phone calls, go door-to-door to sell the product and post promotional emails manually to find new prospects.

How do the old methods of marketing work?

After going through the whole hassled process of manual marketing, when the sales team identified a prospect, they would convert them into a paying customer.

1. The advent of the Internet:

With the advent of the Internet and the digital revolution, the whole domain of marketing ad sales has been revised positively. Business-to-business and business-to-company can find new sales leads online using various marketing automation software. This is one of the many benefits of marketing automation.

Marketing automation specialists use various marketing tools like websites, social media, and online advertising using Google AdSense. These tools funnel the prospects to web pages to capture their email addresses.

2. Then, after the email process:

Once these emails are sent to the potential customers, the marketing automation specialists use various marketing automation softwares to convert and nurture the potential prospect into a paying customer.

3. The customer journey:

Imagine your business sells a $3000 consulting package. Potential customers won’t buy the package impulsively; they need guidance through the sales process.

  • First, they need to gain awareness of your product’s existence.
  • Next, they need to understand what benefits it might bring to them.
  • Then, they may need some information to help them satisfy any objections they have about the product.
  • Finally, they might want to see reviews and testimonials from previous buyers.

In marketing, this is called the customer journey. And at each stage, a prospect needs different information to move them along.

Conclusively it can be said that the ultimate goal of marketing automation specialist skills is –

  • Getting the right content to be pitched to the customer
  • Pitching the right deal in front of the right customer
  • Pitching the correct product and correct advertising at the right time.
Becoming a marketing automation specialist

Becoming a Marketing Automation Specialist

If you are inclined toward learning new and latest technologies and ways to sell and grow your business, you must think about how to become a marketing automation specialist. This technology and this domain can help your business achieve great heights and success. The qualifications that you need to become a marketing automation specialist include a degree and technical skills. Most employers prefer applicants with a degree in marketing, advertising, or communications. Some positions that focus on more-technical duties require a degree in computer science.

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The Real Tasks of a Marketing Automation Specialist

The real job of a marketing automation specialist is to handle day-to-day duties related to automated marketing campaigns. The main job of a marketing automation specialist is to –

  1. Designing email marketing flows and email campaigns.
  2. Brainstorming fresh marketing ideas with colleagues.
  3. Designing and writing interactive social media posts.
  4. Using business analytical softwares to interpret and analyze business performance and spot its weaknesses.
  5. Creating tests and strategies to improve campaign performances and business growth.
  6. Improve and work on various digital marketing strategies.

What Does a Marketing Automation Specialist Do?

Marketing automation experts hold a special position in any company’s marketing team. They play a vital role in propagating any business among potential clientele. The business analysts come up with the results on how the business strategies work and how much traffic the website can accumulate. But after that, it is the prime responsibility of a marketing automation specialist to make sure that enough efforts are made by the marketing and advertising teams to make the product reach the potential customer base.

Also, these people ensure the timely generation and execution of various promotional activities according to the changing market conditions. For example, during COVID, it is the job of these marketing automation specialists to run the product campaigning in such a way that people can make the most of it without the need to go out and buy the product, like facilitating home deliveries and putting that up on banners for the customers to acknowledge.

Special skills needed to become a marketing automation specialist

You need not look further for people who wonder how to become a marketing automation specialist. You need the following marketing automation specialist skills to be able to stand in the market with this job –

  • Tech-savvy
  • Communication skills
  • Content creation
  • Creative writing
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing automation processes
  • Project Management and collaboration skills
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Setting up workflows
  • Understanding of the used database

If you have the following skills or can learn them, you can become a marketing automation expert.


In the end, it can be said that marketing automation specialists act at the heart of any business. If you are starting up your new business or trying to revive an old one, you must understand the current market scenarios and act accordingly. In the current market, having a good product or providing excellent service is not enough. It is quintessential to accumulate the correct number of people and target the right audience. So, for these promotional and propagation activities, having a marketing automation specialist in your marketing team is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various marketing automation softwares?

The various softwares used for promoting any business by the marketing automation specialists are –

  1. Email autoresponder for sending drip email sequences.
  2. Social media marketing software for automating the company’s social media presence.
  3. Keyword research tools to identify the words potential customers use to search the internet.
  4. Content Internet systems for creating websites and blogs.
  5. Marketing analytics tools to understand campaign effectiveness.
  6. Customer relationship management software for storing customer data.

How much do the marketing automation specialists get paid?

Well, there is no definite pay scale for marketing automation specialist jobs, but usually, these people get paid somewhere between $40-50,000 annually.

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