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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

Affiliate marketing is a popular form of digital marketing. And the best part is there are plenty of ways to do affiliate marketing. You can hide your face forever and still earn money every time a sale goes through or generates leads with your affiliate marketing.

Being new to digital marketing, you might wonder how to do affiliate marketing without showing your face. Well, there are several ways for that. In this write-up, I’ll show you some of the best ways to do affiliate marketing where you won’t need to show your face.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a mode of advertising where an influencer or marketer earns money by generating leads and traffics for businesses. Influencers post product links on their blogs, websites, or other digital platforms, and businesses pay commissions to the influencers when a purchase is made or a lead is generated.

The giant e-commerce platform Amazon has popularized it through its affiliate marketing program. Each month Amazon spends millions of dollars on affiliate marketing. Bloggers and websites post amazon product links with reviewed posts or discussions.

With Affiliate marketing, e-commerce platforms can reach a wide range of people who purchase after reading reviews or discussions about products. When the visitors click the link, affiliate marketers earn some commissions, around 5 to 10% of the product’s price.

Here are some key takeaways from Affiliate Marketing:

  • Businesses pay commissions to affiliate marketers for the traffic and lead they generate.
  • Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry.
  • This mode of marketing has become possible due to cookies, analytics, and various digital marketing operations.
How Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face

How Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face?

Can you do affiliate marketing without showing your face? Yes, affiliate marketing is done through several channels. Some of them do not require your direct appearance or your face. You can do those affiliate marketing and earn money from the background.

The following affiliate marketing channels won’t require your face:

An Affiliate Website or Blog

An affiliate website or blog is the most effective option if you want to do anonymous affiliate marketing. You can earn full-time from a website or blog within two years with the right strategy and plans. You can earn up to $10,000 monthly without showing your face.

Affiliate marketers post product links with review articles and discussions or blog posts. When visitors or readers click on a link and a sale goes through, the owner of the website or blog will earn some percentage of the sale price.

Websites and blogs also post ads on behalf of businesses and earn money from there. So, the more you have visitors to your website or blog, the more money you will earn. So, you should focus on building up the website or blog with the right content in an organized way.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another excellent affiliate marketing channel where you are not required to show your face. It’s direct communication with potential customers without revealing your identity. You can send lucrative email copies with product links to potential buyers through affiliate email marketing.

But for that, you need to have a demographically versatile email database where you can send automated emails to attract people to click your links. The good part is you won’t need a website to collect emails. You will find software like Convertkit, where you can create your email list.

With the right email list, you can promote your affiliate links through automated emails to hundreds of thousands of people and directly communicate with them. It can be an excellent option if you’re anonymously interested in automated affiliate marketing.

So, email marketing is a very good option for affiliate marketing without a blog or website.

Phone or SMS Marketing

Affiliate marketers also use phone calls or SMSs as an affiliate marketing tool. The telemarketer was famous long before digital marketing was a thing. Peopled used to call landlines and sell products. But things have changed now.

Affiliate marketers directly call mobile phones and sell products or inform about products and offers. So, if you have a call center and the correct list of potential customers, you can do affiliate marketing through phone calls without showing your face.

Another new channel for affiliate marketing is SMS marketing, where marketers send affiliate links through SMSs. It also does not require you to show your face. Nobody will know who has sent the message. You’ll earn your commission when people click the links and make purchases.

Social Media Influencers

Social media platforms are now the largest platforms to do any marketing. Here you will get real people and have real interaction with them. Many people have grabbed this opportunity and become social media influencers with their personalities. See more about: Importance Of Social Media In Sales And Revenue Increase.

So, if you are not keen on showing your face in front of the camera, you can hire a social media influencer for affiliate marketing. They can share your affiliate links or product links to their profiles and encourage people to purchase.

In exchange, they will charge you a certain amount of money. Sometimes, influencers directly sell products or give reviews as well. It can be a very good affiliate marketing option to grow your business rapidly.

Video Platforms

Video platforms like YouTube and TikTok are very effective affiliate marketing channels. But you might wonder how to use video platforms to do affiliate marketing without showing your face. The trick is simple, make attractive videos where you won’t have to show your face.

In these video descriptions, you can share your affiliate link and urge people to make purchases from the link. If you manage to get a lot of views on your video, the chance of reaching the affiliate link goes higher.

Another way is to use YouTubers and TikTokers to share your affiliate link on their video descriptions, just like social media influencers. They’ll also charge you a certain amount for sharing your links. See the importance of video marketing in your business in detail here.


eBooks have a lot of potential as an affiliate marketing channel but remain underrated. You can share your affiliate links through eBooks without creating websites or blog sites. Plus, no need to show your face at all.

You can be a ghostwriter, creating eBooks on various genres. Through these eBooks, you can share your affiliate links. And when readers click on those links and make purchases, you will keep earning commissions.

After creating eBooks, you can sell them on Amazon at a meager cost or give them out for free on social media platforms. The best part is that some software will help you create eBooks without writing any content.



Audio podcasting can be a great technique to do affiliate marketing without showing face. With podcasting, you can create and distribute audio files to your subscribed users and refer to affiliate links. You can do that in several ways.

You can share product details, review the product, and share the link during your show. Another way is to include the affiliate product link on your website with your podcast. Plus, you can also add the links on your show note when you release different podcast episodes.

So, there are many scopes to do affiliate marketing programs with your audio podcast. You can discuss products, review them, and motivates potential customers to purchase them. Your audiences will love to make purchases when they hear from you.

And the best part is that you won’t have to show your face. Yet, you will earn a certain percentage of commissions from the sales, traffics, and leads you to generate for that business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do affiliate marketing without posting on social media?

There’re many ways to do affiliate marketing without social media platforms. In reality, most affiliate marketers use websites and blogs to do affiliate marketing. Plus, people also do affiliate marketing in large amounts through video platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

What is the secret to affiliate marketing?

There’s no secret to success in affiliate marketing. You will have to be dedicated and sincere. You need to place the right strategy and plans into place to become a successful affiliate marketer. Plus, you will have to publish quality content for visitors. So, pick up a niche where you have some expertise.

How do I start affiliate marketing without followers?

No problem if you want to start affiliate marketing but have no followers. You can still do affiliate marketing with some proper steps. Using SEO, you can generate organic traffic. Traffic can be bought as well. Besides, you can use email marketing.

Can you be anonymous in affiliate marketing?

You can do affiliate marketing while being anonymous. There are so many ways to do that. You can do email marketing, create your own website or blog to share affiliate links, SMS or phone marketing, and many other ways.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to do affiliate marketing without showing your face will give you many opportunities to enter this challenging yet exciting sector. This way, you can keep yourself updated about what’s happening in the tech world. Plus, companies like Digital Planet will help you take affiliate marketing to a whole new level.