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How to Run a Facebook Birthday Discount Ad

Birthdays should be celebrated especially, right? In this modern era of technology, every happiness and celebration has moved online. Various moments are celebrated through social media and other platforms. One of the most popular and oldest platforms is Facebook, one of the oldest and most used.

In total, Facebook has over 2.9 billion users around the globe. Many people have found their way from physical advertisement to digital advertisement and marketing. Who doesn’t like birthday discounts ad especially when you are a teenager? If you are one of those people finding a new marketing way, why don’t you go for Facebook? In this article, we will talk about how to run a Facebook birthday discount ad.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Before knowing how to run a Facebook birthday discount ad, it is essential to be aware of the Facebook birthday ad campaign or how it works.

So based on Facebook activity, demographics, and device information, a business creates the advertisement and serves it to Facebook audiences.

What is the Process Involved?

It is not difficult to understand how Facebook ads campaign works.

Small businesses use it for limited geographical and time-limited marketing campaigns because it is easier to use than search engine advertising. As with any digital marketing channel, Facebook Ads campaigns are more effective when designed and monitored by an expert.

Is a Facebook Birthday Campaign for Me?

You can do it if you have learned how to run a Facebook birthday discount ad or campaign. Paid campaigns like this are used to reach people approaching their birthdays. As a reward for their achievements, discounts or gifts are usually offered.

It is popular to run Facebook birthday ads because they are effective; however, they only work if you target an audience with a narrow target audience. Make sure that your offer is appropriate when running ads. Offer something you think the targeted audience might be interested in. Last but not least, find out when high Facebook usage is prevalent in the region you’re targeting. By doing this, you can determine when your ads should appear.

Despite their simple appearance, birthday ads can be a bit problematic to set up. You risk losing leads if you offer a coupon immediately unless you capture contact information. As a result, you might waste your ad budget. A customer journey typically involves several touchpoints. Your contact information is crucial to retarget, re-engage, and lead conversion.

Hence, you have to think of a unicorn tactic. Syncing your Facebook advertising campaigns with your campaigns will help you re-engage and nurture your leads.

Running Facebook Birthday Marketing Ads Like a Pro

Facebook Ads manager has a section for birthday targeting under “Life Events.” Setup is easy with the Facebook ads manager.

To ensure you convert the people who want to take advantage of your offer, you must set up a multi-step sales funnel before we get started. As Facebook offers incredible targeting capabilities, it’s essential to understand who your customers are. You must find your target market to sell your product at a discount on their birthday. Facebook birthday marketing should not be difficult if you keep practicing and learning.

How to Run a Facebook Birthday Discount Ad, Without Hassel?

After a brief understanding of Facebook birthday ads and how they work, it is time to look into the steps to be followed to launch a birthday ad.

Creating a Facebook ad

Creating a Facebook ad

If you use an ad blocker on your browser, you should first disable it for business Facebook.

Your ad is displayed in a preview while creating it on Facebook. Using Facebook’s advertising tools might be difficult with your ad blocker enabled. So it would be best if you disabled it while using them.

The next step is to sign into your Facebook business page account at At the top of the page, you will find a button that says Create Ad. 

Decide What Your Goal Will Be

Decide What Your Goal Will Be

Facebook adverting dashboards can be accessed from any route using a modal window.

Choosing one of the left-hand options will enable you to select a goal.

In this way, you can choose the goal you want to achieve. Choose to Get more website visitors as the goal for your birthday discount campaign.

Birthday discounts are intended to encourage familiar customers to make a purchase. A discount tailored to their needs can encourage them to buy. It is your website that will lead them to that end goal.

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Define Your Target Audience

Define Your Target Audience

Choose the People you choose by targeting them in the Audience section.

Once you’ve selected your audience, you can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon nearby. Our birthday-based targeting will look like this.

Scroll down to Detailed targeting to find the Browse button.

The Demographics section should have the default settings. If it isn’t already selected, then it must be selected.

The Life events dropdown menu will appear once you click this link. The Birthday option is revealed. If you plan to run a continuous advertisement, ensure the Upcoming birthday box is checked.

Identify Audience

You can control who sees your Facebook ads by targeting them by age, location, and gender. Because this method does not target a large audience, conversions are higher.

It’s hoped that you have already defined your target market and who it comprises. The time has come for you to make your selection. It is important to determine the target audience’s target location, age range, and gender. Specify which counties your business serves if you are a local business.

With these changes, you will move from targeting a specific audience to targeting a broad audience. This scale suggests staying within the green line in the middle. As soon as you have completed the steps, click Save Audience.

Add Your Content

Rather than using images and videos from your Facebook page, create a dedicated image for your ad. You can design your images using tools available online. Enter coupons, discounts, or birthdays in the search box to find templates you like. Once you have finished designing your ad, save it as a PNG. Create a birthday discount ad, upload it to Facebook using the Edit option, and then click Upload new.

Target a Destination

You need to specify the URL of the part of your website that is being promoted in the Website URL field.

In addition to your homepage, your shop page, your menu page, your booking page, a product page, and others, you could have many other pages on your website that qualify. Next, select the label for the button.

Set a Duration 

Set a Duration

The schedule contains this section, which is located at the bottom of the page. When you choose Upcoming birthday, you will see a continuous advertisement. Click the End date field to select the advertisement’s end date. A start date can also be selected along with an end date.

Make a Budget for Each Day

Make A Budget for Each Day

For each day you run your Facebook birthday discount ad, determine how much you want to spend.

The budget that Facebook refers to as daily is your weekly budget. On certain days of the week, platforms spend more time ensuring that your ads are effective.

You can set a spending limit on your account to prevent going over budget. It is beneficial here to run multiple continuous ads.

The limit will not change or reset until you reset it yourself.

Publish Your Ad

As part of the Placements section, Facebook allows you to specify where your birthday discount advertisement will appear. Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger have default settings.

Bottom Line

If you are done with learning how to run a Facebook birthday discount ad, you should now move to the next step. You must be aware of what you are supposed to do after your ad has been launched. Knowing more about birthday marketing techniques or some best Facebook conversion ads is better.