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Top Industries In The World

With 2022 being an uncertain territory like 2021, this article measures the top industries in the world based on growth. These results are in no particular order.

1. Safety equipment and supplies wholesalers

The early stages of the pandemic have left many nervous and panicked buying, which left the local supermarkets out of regular cleaning supplies and masks, and even toilet paper. The safety equipment industry has hit an all-time high, with many people looking for different ways to protect themselves during the pandemic. Read also: How The Pandemic Is Changing Marketing Trends.

2. Online food ordering and delivery in the UK

With everyone being asked to stay at home as much as possible, the growth in food ordering sites has increased over double that before the unfortunate event of the pandemic. Ordering food is a more accessible alternative than cooking in some cases. Working at home presents pressure to complete enough work in your own space and reduces the motivation of home cooking if time isn’t managed correctly.

3. Online greeting card retailers and suppliers

The pandemic has left people stuck at home without much communication, and sending a greeting card or a message has become the next best option. Purchasing greeting cards online is arguably safer than walking into a store during a pandemic.

4. E-Commerce and online auctions

Online auctions are the safest way to bid on items, properties, and whatnot during the pandemic. In-person auctions have been highly discouraged due to safety concerns, and many platforms that offer online auctions make this a lot easier.

5. Audiobook publishing

Audiobooks have risen in popularity over the last few years. It provides a great book/reading experience for those who are unable to have the time to read, plus it’s a relaxing way to infuse pleasure alongside work if needed.

6. CRM systems providers 

The CRM system providers sell programs and software, which is essential in creating a management strategy for customer and client interactions and sales prospects. With the increase of online businesses and services during 2021, this industry is growing alongside it.

7. Language learning software developers

Unfortunately, this pandemic has left many without jobs, leaving much empty free time. Learning a new language has become increasingly popular as people are trying to find something productive to learn during their free time. It can relieve some of the stress caused by events around the world. Despite the negatives, this has become a positive for language learning software developers as the need for excellent and reliable language learning resources has increased.

8. Respiratory protection equipment

The need for this equipment has risen rapidly during the pandemic as it’s vital in hospitals as COVID-19 hits very hard on the respiratory system. Unfortunately, if this equipment isn’t readily available, it’ll impact hospitals drastically.

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