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What is the click through rate

When carrying out online advertising, it is essential to understand all the metrics and analytics available. Knowing how successful your advertising campaign is performing is vital to understanding how you can effectively market your product. However, when presented with a suite of data points, it can be hard to understand what each one means and how to make decisions based on it.

Your platform of choice will offer several metrics based on the performance of your advertising. When looking at your metrics, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is one of the essential stats. CTR measures how many consumers who saw your advertisement decided to click and engage with your product on a deeper level.

When analyzing your CTR, there are several factors to be aware of to maximize your effectiveness. The average CTR across all industries is around 3% but varies greatly depending on your specific situation.

What are Display Ads?

CTR also depends significantly on where your ad is placed. Display ads are placed on websites and social media platforms and direct users to take specific actions. These types of ads generally have a lower CTR.

Display ads usually come in a few forms. Banner ads placed on websites are a common form of display advert and are one of the first things a user sees when going to a website. Interstitial ads are displayed for users on their intended page, such as when viewing stories on social media. A more detailed form of advert, rich media ads, contains content that users can interact with before being taken to your product.

What are Search Ads?

Search ads are the other type of advert that is used. These adverts are shown to users when they are performing a search. These advertisements appear before the search results are shown to users. These ads have a much higher CTR but are more selectively shown as they are only displayed in relevant searches.

Achieving a high CTR requires good advertising that users want to engage with. It’s important to consider keywords, the ad’s look, and where it is placed. Ad tech companies will also offer a discount on high-quality adverts, and having a high CTR will help accomplish this goal.

CTR is just one statistic to be aware of when analyzing performance metrics. Look at our over post about PPC to understand how you can have an effective marketing strategy.

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