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How to Write the Perfect Sales Email

How to Write the Perfect Sales Email?

Are you looking for more in-depth details on How to Write the Perfect Sales Email? You’re in the right place.

Here at Digital Planet London, we’ve come up with a short and sweet guide to helping you on your perfect sales email journey.

What is email marketing?

The Wikipedia definition reads: “Email marketing is sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Every email sent to a potential, or current customer could be considered email marketing broadly. Email sends advertisements, requests business, or solicits sales or donations.”

how to write a good sales email

How to Write a Good Sales Email?

Subject line

Your subject is the first thing your potential buyer will see, and if it doesn’t capture their interest, they will most likely not bother to read the rest of the email. With your subject line, you’re stating your intent.

Avoid spelling mistakes as it makes the email appear less professional, and avoid misleading titles as it makes you look like you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Relevant, juicy, and eye-catching subject lines are key.

How can I make a subject line for good sales emails?

Firstly, think about your audience. Who are you writing to? And, what product are you trying to sell to the target audience? Make it personal to draw them in.

Engage with your audience – Ask them questions and make them think. Make your audience think about your product and feel intrigued.

Opening line

Before writing your sales emails that work, you need to identify your target audience. Are you taking the formal route or more casual? What do you think your audience is more likely to respond to?

Sometimes the usual “Dear Mr, Mrs, Ms” and so on might not be appealing. Try using more favorable terms that include everyone on the spectrum.

What are the fundaments of a strong opening line?

  • They state their context
  • They establish trust and credibility
  • They offer a natural transition to what you’re pitching

Don’t forget that people are busy; the natural transition will allow your email to flow better and keep your reader engaged. The fewer sentences in your opening line, the better.

The body

This is where you’ll be able to pack in your information and include your amazing high-quality pictures and videos.

Do not forget to include vital information such as your product, the price, shipping details, and extra costs such as VAT. However, keep everything to the point and avoid fluff.

What do you want to achieve from this email? Whatever you’re trying to achieve, you need to show that through the body of your email.

Closing statement

The primary purpose of your email is for a CTA. Will they book a demo? Start a free trial. Or buy your product? If you haven’t achieved that, then the goal of your email hasn’t been met.

Common mistakes:

  • No CTA – How will your potential buyers be if you don’t know the purpose? A planned Call To Action is key.
  • Too many CTAs – Don’t overwhelm your reader. They’re more likely to close your email if they can’t understand and if there’s too much going on.
  • Your CTA is unclear – The more precise, the better. Let your reader know what they’re being asked to do. Are you asking them to subscribe? Are you asking them to click on the link? Let them know.
  • Your CTA is too much pressure – Don’t ask for much, or your reader can feel overwhelmed again.
  • The CTA is too challenging to achieve – If you’re asking your potential buyer to climb mountains and open several links and tabs, it’s highly unlikely they’ll comply. Keep it short, sweet, and straightforward.


To finish off your email, having a great signature is very valuable.

Here is an example of a signature:

Sue Jones

Sales Manager

Phone number 222-222-222


What did you think of that?

It’s boring. Doesn’t provide that extra spice. You can have a great, informative signature with added details to make your most effective sales emails appealing.

How can I make my signature more exciting and less boring?

Here are some ways how:

  • Use video links
  • Got a photo gallery showing off your product? Include that!
  • Social media? Link it!
  • Don’t forget to leave your website’s link.

And that’s it for now. Now you know how to write a sales email. We hope this has helped you along your Sales Email journey. Here at Digital Planet London, we offer Email Marketing and Email template services if you’re interested. To find out more, please feel free to contact us. Stay safe, have fun, and good luck.