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How to Undo Not Interested on Instagram

Are you looking for a way to undo the “Not Interested” setting on Instagram? If so, this article will discuss how to undo Not Interested on Instagram so you can view previously hidden content.

My step-by-step instructions will also explain how to accomplish this task. Then, if you’re ready to undo the “Not Interested” setting on Instagram, read on to learn more. So, let’s get right in.

Why Do People Use Not Interested Settings On Instagram?

Not Interested setting on Instagram is like decluttering your feed. If any post comes into your feed that you don’t like, you can instantly hit the Not Interested button, and the post will vanish from your feed.

You can use the “not interested” setting on Instagram to manage your feeds and curate content that you’re interested in. By indicating that you are not interested in specific posts, you can actually control what you see in your feed and avoid seeing content that doesn’t interest them.

This feature can also help Instagram better understand its user base and tailor content to meet its needs better.

How Do I Undo Not Interested On Instagram?

If you accidentally hit Not Interested Instagram post and want to see it again, then there are two other ways you can bring back the post. You will have to either click Undo instantly or do it from the profile the post belongs to. Let’s see how they are done.

Undo From The Post

If you hit the Not Interested button by mistake to hide a post and realize it instantly, then you can undo it instantly from the pop-up options. It’s the easiest way to undo this action.

Here’s how to undo not interested tags on Instagram:

  • After tapping the Not Interested button, some options will pop up for different actions.
  • In the option, look for the Undo Button.
  • Then scroll down to click on the Undo option.
  • Finally, the post will be visible again.

Undo From The Profile

The instant undo option is available for a few seconds only. After that, the post will be hidden and won’t appear on your feed again. If you want to see that post or a similar post, you have to do it from the profile it belongs to.

Below is the step-by-step process on how you can do it:

  • Firstly, go to the search page and put down the profile name or user name that the post belongs to on the search bar.
  • You might see multiple related options; click on the right profile.
  • Now, look for the post you want to undo hide.
  • Finally, when you locate the post, go to the options by hitting the three dots and then select the unhide option. Your post will be visible on your feed again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I undo a not interested post on Instagram?

You can instantly undo a not interested post on Instagram from the pop-up option after clicking the not interested button. If you cannot do that, you have to find the profile that the post belongs to and unhide it.

Where is not interested on Instagram?

The not interested option on Instagram is available with every post. You will have to click on the three-dot line and select the ‘not interested’ option.

How do I change my interests on Instagram?

To change your interests on Instagram, you must go to your profile, tap the three-dot lines, and then tap Settings. Select privacy and then tap Access Your Information. Now, select Interests and click on Edit in the top right corner.

Final Thoughts

Undoing not interested in Instagram is a straightforward process. Now that you know how to undo not interested on Instagram, you can take advantage of this feature to keep your Instagram feed organized and up to date.